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  1. rotsun777

    Stock front sway bar - $20 USD!

    interested, still for sale?
  2. Looking for a stock T3, 81-83 280zx or 84-86 300zx T3 turbo. Good condition and functional preferred, but interested in turbos needing a rebuild as well. Additionally, I'm interested in a functional well working t3/t4 hybrid for separate Z project. Thanks fellas!
  3. rotsun777

    Coilovers 280z

    Very interested, I'll send you a PM
  4. Still have the radiator?
  5. rotsun777

    280ZX FPR

    Looking for a new (or used and functional) FPR off a ZX, single inlet single outlet. Let me know fellas!
  6. the header will fit, far as I know all the cylinder heads have the same bolt holes. As far as what gasket you'll need that depends on the shape of the exhaust ports. iirc they're round. infact I have a round port header gasket sittin on a shelf still in the box. If thats indeed the one you need shoot me a msg sometime!
  7. rotsun777

    Fuel Rail 280z!

    like it says, looking for a decent fuel rail for my 280z, using stock injectors. If anyones got a pallnet rail for barbed injectors or something even better!