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  1. 76 280z and the junkyard RB

    It means exactly what it sounds like. The car has been a constant struggle like it was constantly saying F$&@ you and thus FukuZ was born lol
  2. Hey i own a 1976 280z that currently has the stock l28 in it. Im using megasquirt to run it and so far so good. Anyways walking through a local junk yard today i found a wrecked skyline with a intact RB20DET. Now i was going to build a L28ET as i have a extra motor and most of the parts but as the junk yard is selling the motor for $245 i figure the deal is to good to pass up. Now obviously i plan on rebuilding the RB but i have a few questions, and i have been using the search function but im still not clear. 1) Is this a worth while swap or am i better off sticking with the L? 2) Motor mounts, some threads i have read talk about notching some talk about replacing them all together, which is it? 3) Also read that you can and also cant use the stock transmission mounts and drive shaft, again which is it? Thanks for any clarification on these matters