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  1. Just working on replacing damaged or otherwise ugly sheet metal. This is the first time I have ever done any sort of bodywork, and I was a bit apprehensive about how it would go....but so far it seems pretty straightforward. I am spraying the back of the "blind" panels with epoxy primer before I weld them in, but obviously the welding will burn off the epoxy in the immediate area. Any suggestions for rust proofing the resulting bare metal on the backside of the panels, since there is no longer any good way to get at it? I was going to spray in one of the "cavity wax" products once painting was complete, or is there a better solution? Thanks for looking.
  2. '77 280z aka Project Tetanus

    Great work....I have huge respect for your bringing that shell back...I honestly think I would have run screaming from that one. BTW...I like the larger pictures. The earlier ones in the thread were too small to really see what you were doing.
  3. Car is back from media blasting and has been epoxy primed. No real surprises emerged, except it had a fairly substantial dent right behind the driver's door that had been pulled a bit and heavily bondoed. Also the rear hatch had somehow been damaged...was all rippled....and will either need bondo or replacement when things go back together. The only rust was the small spot (2"X2") under the driver's seat that I mentioned in my last post, where someone probably spilled a beer in 1977 or something. Nice knowing exactly what I have to work with now, and also nice that it no longer smells like foot, ass, and mold. Next up is carefully positioning racing shells and welding in brackets for them, so I know where to start building the roll cage. That should be interesting since I have never bent a tube before. There will also be extensive seam stitch welding and strengthening of the underbody rails with the Bad Dog units. Thanks for looking.
  4. Great to see, and very timely for me. Outstanding work prepping the chassis. I am going along the same route but am far behind you. I was about 80% convinced I was going to use the Hoke kit and I think you just sold me the rest of the way. Branden, not sure what you mean by remote bleeder...? You mean for the clutch slave cylinder?
  5. Project is in total disaster mode. Found rust on the driver's floorboard. Game over. Actually just wasting time. Don't have a real update. On waiting list for car to be media blasted.
  6. Just more boring teardown photos..... Car is completely dismantled, and again I am very happy about the condition of the OEM metal. I will have to check "rust repair as needed" off my list of jobs. It does have bowed up floorpans from improper jacking/lifts, which I hope I can address with a 5# rubber mallet and a section of 2"X4" lumber. Next on my list is removing all the assorted brackets/harness attachment points that I won't be using, and wire brushing off most of the seam sealer in preparation for media blasting. Thanks for looking.
  7. Just a small update....been spending the past week gradually disassembling the car. I realize this forum probably does not need more photos of dismantled Z cars, but for the sake of thread continuity, here they are. Big job, tearing a car down to every last nut and bolt. I have worked on cars a lot before but never a complete disassembly. More time consuming than I expected....and I expected it to be time consuming. So far shell looks good. Frame rails are a bit dented and abused, but still no sign of any rust at all. Thanks for looking.
  8. As the title says....I am just starting the teardown on a '74 260Z that I am going to strip, media blast, cage, and swap in (probably) an LS3 and T56 6-speed. Here are pics of the car in its current form: The car clearly has had some cosmetic restoration work done to it during the course of it's existence, and some have expressed to me that it is "too nice" to do to it what I have in mind. But it really isn't all that nice. The paint job looks OK from 20 feet, but in reality it is a cheap respray with over spray on bumper rubber, glass rubber, and many other places. Also, the engine is just....tired...and it feels like it is putting out about 80 RWHP. And finally, it is an automatic....and I have trouble believing that first gen Zs were even sold with autos....so out of character for the car. In a nutshell, I have no hesitation to strip it down and start over. The plus...I cannot find any rust...anywhere. I think the car spent it's life in the Mojave desert. The plan (subject to evolution) is to make it into a pure track car that is still street legal (barely). I will try to keep regular updates. I have just started dismantling it.
  9. Just bought '74 260Z...New Here

    Thanks. T3 is only about 30 minutes from me. Does Troy Ermish Racing do Zs? I just saw 510 stuff on their site.
  10. Just bought '74 260Z...New Here

    I'm about 2 hours from the SF Bay area...so not too far. Rebello Racing is close....I know they are sort of the "L" engine gurus....what other shops would you recommend?
  11. Hi All, My name is Bryan and I have recently become the owner of a 1974 260z that is going to be a long term project. The car appears to have a solid body, no rust I can find, and is an automatic (gasp), but it is also a '74 so it is smog exempt (major consideration here in California). Basically...my plan is to completely gut the car, media blast, do any and all needed reinforcements, cage it, and build it into the purest track car that I can still drive to and from track events.....without needing to trailer it. So there will be a few compromises in the mission focus of the car....but hopefully not too many. My plan is to do pretty much everything myself, except the media blasting and final painting. Some of this I am sure will stretch my abilities, but that is part of the intent and the fun with this project. I will say up front....I bought the car pretty much to have a smog exempt shell to do what I want with, and I am not too concerned (actually not concerned at all) about remaining true to the Datsun's originality and all that. From what I have read throughout this forum, I think I have come to the right place. For power...I am thinking either a built L engine or an LS swap (leaning toward LS3). The economics are kind of steering me toward the LS. I know I can spend $10K+ for a built L engine with 300+ HP that is peaky, temperamental, has little torque, and needs good gas. Or I can spend $4-6K on an LS engine with 4-500 HP, gobs of torque, runs on pump gas, weighs very little more than stock, etc. I have to do more research, but you can see which way I am leaning. I have to admit that emotions are still a factor. I have always been a huge fan of the Z racing cars, starting with the IMSA GTU in the 1970s, and there is just something cool about an inline 6 with three carbs or ITBs....but all other factors seem to favor the V-8. I am currently in the search for a small/affordable rental warehouse space to do all this, as my garage is already packed with my other project car, the wife's horse gear, etc. Nothing can happen there. Once I find a location, the fun will begin. I'm sure there will be some evolution in the project as I am confronted with various realities....but above is my rough plan. I will take a lot of pictures and start a build thread once things get going.