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  1. Cheers 300zx looks promising
  2. So I have been looking for a 280zx alternator in the UK and there not that easy to find. Has anyone tried putting a 350z or 370z alternator on a 280z?
  3. What is the benafit to this, surley the aultinator was spected correctly, or is it just that they are old and dont produce the amps they used to?
  4. Ok so im less worried about the heat soak. If it ever becomes an issue i will probaby put the heat rap in the exhaust as it will bring engine bay temps down aswell.
  5. Yer the full strip back and respray is years off, minor nigles first then the big stuf later. Been looking at replacing the break components with oem were needed untill i go big break kit and rear disk convertion. I like to know i can stop before i make the car go fast. Never changed a wheel bearing before but seems simple enough. Adding it to my list. All good info thanks
  6. Interesting, i assumed that it would have been 1974 the last year and thats why the 280z was fuel injected ect, learn somthing new. From what i would tell it looked mostly stock and well maintained but as it didnt have a mot or been registered i could only drive it in the car park. The company i bought the car from are going to be moting the car and registering it for me so i should get more of an idea of the condidtion of the car from the mot.
  7. The cars an import from California so not got any history on it, but it looks well kept and has registration on it from january 2017 for what thats worth. I have downloade the FSM and had a scim but not had time to have a proper sitdown read. That will be done prior to receving the car i hope :/. Slip of the toungh on the points im afraid
  8. Im going to do all the work myself. I like working on cars, learning how they work and what makes them tick. Im saving for a house after i get this car so for about a year it will be as much as i can scrimp together, prob only looking at doing things that need doing tbh. Its a little diffrent for old cars. This was right at the start of emmitions testing so the rules are quite relaxed compared to newer cars. They is talk about cars more than 40 years old not need testing soon, fingers crossed. My other car is going to be sold soon but i only live 15 minuts walk from work and i have access to my partners car if i really need to get somewear. 100% reliability is not what i am assuming at all but it will be a gole for the future, if anything can be 100% reliable that is.
  9. Hi my name is Harry and i am in the prosses of buying my first classic car, a 1975 280z. I have kept my head down and been reading a fair amount on diffrent forums about common problems with these cars. I plan on daily driving the 280z as stock untill i have the money to do what i want with it properly. So i was just wondering what are the things that i need to do first to try and keep the old girl as reliable as she can be. Ive read that there is some issues with fule tanks rusting and fule lines getting cloged. Im going to try and have a look in the tank with it still in the car as i dont have a garage at the moment so will find it hard to store parts like fule tanks ect. Obviously if the tank is full of rust then i will just have to remove it and get it sorted. Ive also read that there is a heat soke isue with the fule in the fule rail boiling after shut down of the engine after a few minutes. I dont much fancy getting a fan to cool this down so was wondering if heat rapping the exhaust would help this or i sould jsut get a nice new fule rail. The car i am buying has a very nice chasis with very little / no rust so this shouldnt be a big issue in the short turm. I am planning on a full body sand blast back to bear metal, repare and dammage/rust and respray in the future as well. All of the hoses are proabley ging to be my first job to change as i cant see 40 year old rubber not springing a leak at the worst posible time. I also plan on changing all of the bushing for the suspension soon aswell. My plan is for polly as i dont mind a harsher ride unless there is a reson not to do this. I also want to chage the springs and struts to slightly lower the car, only an inch or so as i think it looks nicer. Is there anything that i have missed or things that i need to do first? Any and all insite would be much appreciated. Apologys if i have spelt anything wrong, there defiantly will be, i just cant spell Second apology is for no pictures at the moment, my phone with the pictures broke and i have lost them. I should, fingers crossed, be getting the car in a month or so now and am getting rather excited. I live in the uk so any pointers to shops to buy parts from here would also be much appreciated as most are based in the us. Come on free trade deal with the us Edit. Almost forgot to say the obviouse, all fluid changes, filters and spark plugs. Do you think i should get new points and spark leads?