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  1. 76Datsun_stroked

    Chevy 350 strut tower brace

    Thanks for the reply! I'll get the techno toy tuning strut brace, just wanted to know if anyone had got one on their ls1 swapped Datsun.
  2. 76Datsun_stroked

    Chevy 350 strut tower brace

    It came with the chevy 350 stroked to a 383 but I had it completely rebuilt cause the motor was old and not running right so now it has all new crank, rods, aluminum heads, medium cam, new intake manifold etc.. the guy who is building it says it will be roughly 550hp and 550 tq and I am putting a stronger built tremec t5 in it. Problem is I only have 225 sized tires on it so it will be hard to get grip but the guy who is building it said the frame should be fine but I feel like that's too much tq for the car to handle. Was wondering what you all think? I showed him that strut brace but he says it won't fit will the 350 under the hood. I can get the rear one still obviously. I won't be taking it to the track but every once in a while I can't say I won't try and punch it sometimes.
  3. 76Datsun_stroked

    Chevy 350 strut tower brace

    My 350 has a carb on it and I can't post a picture but the brace I was looking at is on this site. https://www.racetep.com/automaker/datsun-z/z-car-front-ultimate-strut-tower-brace.html Just wondering if anyone has been able to get a brace on with a carb chevy 350 and if so which one was used.
  4. Hey everyone I just had a question about a front strut tower brace option. I looked through the forum pretty well and didn't see anything about it but I have the chevy 350 in my 76 Datsun 280z and was looking to try and get a bit more frame support cause I don't know how well the car will handle the torque. Wondering if anyone has a strut tower brace on theirs? The ones I found online look like it won't fit with the small block under the hood. Any input would be great!