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  1. Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    How heavy is the X-Mat? I'm hoping to not add too much weight.
  2. Epic build, look forward to some more photos and definitely a video hen you get a chance.
  3. Would love something similar, but I don't want to run bigger than 16" wheels. Perhaps I can make an AP Racing kit but in a smaller size. I would love to see some more videos of her in action once you get it all back together.
  4. My 240 rb26 build

    Can't imagine you could use more power anyway, better going with the better spool. Its a beast either way.
  5. Thats an awesome brake setup.
  6. My Restored Bonnet turned up today, thanks to Datsmo for helping supply it. I went for the full carbon fibre bonnet with carbon fibre frame. Its very nice and should save a fair amount. I'll weigh my stock one when I get a chance but its got to be around the 17kg mark so I will save over 10kg's even once its painted as carbon one only weighs 5.75kg (12.6lbs)
  7. Think theres plenty of interest if he decides to do another run.
  8. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    Great news, those looks lovely. Would be nice to go dry sump at some time, would just have to work out a good location for the tank.
  9. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    Might be interested in one in the future, don't loose the cnc file.
  10. 240Z BMW M62 conversion

    Nice project, keep it up.
  11. Track day 'fun' project

    Glad to see you are noticing a good improvement with the LSD, I couldn't wait to get one fitted to mine as even when it was in stock form I would get some loss of power in the corners due to the inside wheel spinning, wasn't so noticeable once I had new suspension, wheels and so on fitted but would undoubtedly have still ben there if pushed hard enough.
  12. Track day 'fun' project

    Will have to get mine on track sometime, looks like a lot of fun.
  13. Will be great to see this thing on track, good luck, take some videos for us.
  14. Sounds beastly and looks like a lot of fun.
  15. AZC never reply to e-mail questions, but I will call them before ordering anything. Definitely don't want cv clearance problems.