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  1. Very Nice, 525hp should be enough.
  2. EF Ian

    Brake Line Locks

    I want it to help with burnouts pre 1/4 mile while saving wear on the rear brakes. I was thinking originally of just getting the inline valve type so I can just lock off the rear brakes but then I thought if I am doing it it might be worth getting the electronic type that can lock pressure in the fronts, just because it makes doing a burnout so easy. However its not exactly hard and once the rear brakes are locked off I do not need to worry about wear, plus it will help me keep a neater looking bay. So I may just go for the cheaper option. I don't plan on smoking he tyres for long so hopefully I don;t get through them too quick. JHM - Thanks, I clearly don't know how to use the search properly because I didn't manage to find those posts when I tried a search.
  3. Wondering if anyone has installed a brake line lock on their S30? Considering installing one, need to decide between a simple in line lock to the rear in order to isolate the rear brakes or to use an electronic line lock plumped to the front brakes to hold pressure in the lines. Anybody got some experience/thoughts?
  4. EF Ian

    2JZ/RB26 in 240/260 = Nose-Heavy?

    Nope, mine does not feel nose heavy at all, it handles brilliantly with zero ill effects compared to the L26. Running an RB26 and its mounted only about 1cm off the bulkhead, farther back than the L26 sat by a good bit.
  5. Thanks, looks like my sub frame connectors will have to be custom, it will help that my roll bar mounts are already lowered by 6mm as I had to mod them in order for the R33 GTS-T diff flange to fit. Good to Know
  6. I was wondering if the bad dog sub frame connectors let you still run the rear anti roll bar or if the connectors will stop the bar from fitting in the original mounting position?
  7. EF Ian

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Love the tucked chassis harness, I am thinking of going this way also. Just curious how you routed yours past/round the headlight bucket area?
  8. So they might clear my 16's. Would be close though, current 310mm setup has some room left.
  9. EF Ian

    My 240 rb26 build

    Not too bad, but would make mine too close to what my Honda is like on the motorway, I am also running 4.11 FD and I like only being at 3050rpm @70mph. That is good though because it means if I were to run one the same as yours all I would need to do is switch to a 3.5 final drive. I'd love to see some more videos of the box in action.
  10. EF Ian

    My 240 rb26 build

    That gearbox is bloody awesome. Always wanted to add a PPG Sequential to mine. I looked at HGT boxes but they all seemed to have ratios to short for motorway driving and made a lot of noise? How are you finding these. Entire car is awesome by the way.
  11. Looks like superb work so far. Love the brakes, I fancy an upgrade to AP racing sometime. What size are those discs?
  12. I hope you get it sorted how you want it and it turns out to be everything you wanted it to be. A top spec traction control setup seems like a good idea, no point in having loads of power if you can't use it. Look forward to hearing how you get on.
  13. Such a fantastic car and epically well done project. Does it drive as good as you hoped?
  14. EF Ian

    Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    Interestingly NA's actually requite larger filters than force fed motors. I had a table listing what minimum size your filter needed to be for a given hp for both NA and turbo engines, I will post it if I can find it. If you can fit a filter with a v stack it makes a big difference.