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  1. Race car and exhaust fumes

    Thanks for the suggestions Chickenman and Northwoodsz. In further research I may be causing more exhaust to enter the cabin by having the 2-3 inch holes placed in the rear window due to the neg. pressure. Upon checking, there is so many openings under the rear (fuel cell) and back of the car I don't know how I would seal everything. I will have my exhaust person try and maneuver the exhaust farther back and/or out the right side.
  2. Reconditioning a '72 240 race car and have had it out for a few HPDE events to work out issues. One is the exhaust fumes that enter the car while on track. Symptoms are watery/burning eyes and taste of exhaust. I know of all the problems 240's have with negative cabin air pressure and exhaust kicking back thru the exterior of the car. Being a race car it tends to have a lot of gaps and missing gaskets/seals/trim. My exhaust end under the car and not carried all the way back to the rear bumper. I have noticed a few other race 240's with Lexon rear windows that several 2-3 inch round holes are cut across the top or bottom of the windows. I assume they were having the same problem and added the holes so exhaust could exit the interior while the side windows are down. Have any racers found this to solve the problem or are they only adding more spots for the fumes to enter? Should the holes be across the top or bottom of the window? If you have done the cuts were they done by a glass company or a diy? Any other way to exit this exhaust? Would extending the exhaust pipe farther back be of much help? Thanks.
  3. 240z part out

    Brake Booster? MC? What year 240?
  4. Brake Booster

    To az240: I don't believe your 8 1/2: booster would fit in my 240. Thanks, but you should go ahead and contact RB26. Contacted all the major auto supply stores and all say they are out of stock and don't know when they would have any more. Contacted Carbone Co., who remanufactures boosters, to see if I could send mine in to be done and they said they can not do a 240z. Motorsports says they are out of stock till who knows when. So, still looking.
  5. Brake Booster

    Need a brake booster for a 1972 240z.
  6. Speedometer

    That will be my next step. Just wanted to know if elec. could be the problem.
  7. Speedometer

    Bought a '72 Z and the speedometer is not working. Having disconnected the cable from the back of the speedometer, jacked up the car and found the end of the cable turns with the car in gear. There has been some rewiring due to the car becoming a ace car and there is no longer any wiring connected to the back of the gauge. Besides the original wiring to light up the gauge is there any other elec. needed to run the gauge or should it be all mechanical at this point?