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  1. Hi all, I may be a new member, but I have visited this site countless times over the years. I got my first Datsun in 2004 as a birthday present from my dad, a 76' in need of a lot of work. I spent my high school years working on that car, making mistakes and learning a lot about restorations and the amount of work that goes into them. I think I came here for the first time when my brother was starting to play around with engine management systems. It wasn't long before he had me doing the same with my 280. I rebuilt my engine at 100k miles and added some flat top pistons to bump up the compression and a MegaSquirt 1 to run it. I later added EDIS6, some 25lb Ford injectors, and built an aluminum intake manifold. It wasn't too impressive in comparison to my bro's boosted cars, but it was fun to play with. Its been several years since then, I've taken on some projects in a professional setting and then re-entered school to pursue an engineering degree. I miss that 280z, still have it, but its just a shell now - the years took their toll on my newbie work; the rust came back, the paint was wearing badly and flaking off in sheets, the patch panels I welded on weren't prepped well enough. I still hold out that I can one day save it and make it just how I wanted and with helluva lot more knowledge and skill. So I wanted to say hi and share a little bit of my story, but I also want to say thank you to all the contributing members here. I think this place has helped me diagnose and solve more problems than I can count. I refer here again and again for creative inspiration and to see projects come together. I'll be creating a thread that details my other project, a ten+ year saga on the car from hell which is, finally, coming to a close.
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    My Datsun Album

    Various pictures of my adventures with Datsuns over the years. Not really in any order, just as I add it to my computer.