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  1. RB25DET S1 Tranny options

    350 for the plate. Most of the jk/cd009 models on ebay have the concentric slave so you are either buying the adapter 175$ or swapping to external slave (https://www.z1motorsports.com/z1-products/z1-motorsports/z1-clutch-concentric-slave-cylinder-csc-elimination-kit-p-7340.html) $430. Additionally the stock slave is pretty garbage but I wont include that cost in this. The shifter shortening is $110 350 plate 175 concentric adapter 110 shortening 635 Parts for basic swap 250 Machining (A way low estimate btw) 200 Other small parts 900 Used Transmission 1,985 These are low estimates so that price is on the low end. Realistically if I was doing it I would either get a stronger internal slave or convert to external. Additionally, I have heard of people having trouble getting it lined up correctly as the plate has no guide pins and going through T/O bearings like crazy. Full disclosure if I ever get bored with the five speed I would do this swap, for me the thought of having a transmission with a known history (no history) and knowing that it would just work was worth it.
  2. RB25DET S1 Tranny options

    I just went through this, you can get a cd009(a) or jk4## transmission for around $900. The whole adapter kit from collins is about $900. If you don't have access to a CNC machine you will have to pay to have the bell housing milled, we will call it $250 for this, other small parts we will say $200. That's $2,250 for a z33/z34 trans. I just bought a brand new gts-t 5 speed (no miles) from RHDJapan for $1,950 (including shipping and processing fees). The aussie guys say that the 5 speed is pretty stout, and there is a strong resell market for the five speed (at least in the US). I eventually chose the 5 speed because I know it will just work with my RB. I don't have to worry about something wrong with the milling or the correct clutch/hardware. I hope this helps. If you have any questions about using RHDJapan I am more than willing to help answer.