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  1. I have a 1972 240z that has a Champio 3 row radiator with MSA fan Shroud. I need to find a sporty stainless Steel or aluminium overflow tank to install besides the radiator as the one i purchased from Champion is 2" x 13" and too long and collides with the bottom of the chassis on the engine bay. Should i settle for the MSA STAINLESS STEEL OVERFLOW TANK???
  2. princejqman

    MSA Weatherstrip kit review

    Any better option than vintage rubber?? or is this just the best to avoid door slamming???
  3. princejqman

    MSA 2.5" Exhaust System

    I am using ngk BP6ES which is the recommedable one! gapped at .032 and still get that popping on deceleration. i have also adjusted the carb and carb floats and nothing!! Would a 2.5" resonator solve this issue?
  4. princejqman

    MSA 2.5" Exhaust System

    What resonator or glasspack is recommended to eliminate the deceleration popping on this MSA PREMIUM EXHAUST? I called MSA and they dont sell this resonator. I just cant stand the popping but do like the drone!
  5. princejqman

    MSA 2.5" Exhaust System

    I also purchased the MSA PREMIUM EXHAUST for Stock Manifold kit and have been experiencing loud popping at the exhaust on deceleration when lifting the gas pedal on 2nd and 3rd gear. I retarded the timing from 15 to 12 btdc and then to 10 btdc and the issue is still present. It came with an Xcelerator Turbo Muffler, downpipe tuve and 2.5 diameter aluminum pipes. I have a Schneider 274F camshaft and have Heard that people with the stock camshaft have no issues whatsoever. This is really strange as i used to have the MSA TWICE PIPES kit and never experienced any deceleration popping.
  6. princejqman

    1972 240z