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  1. I've finally finished my new shop website!

    That's curious. I was making some small updates, I may have accidentally blocked your way It should be good to go now!
  2. After what felt like a million hours of teaching myself Wordpress, formatting pages, and resizing photos, I've finally gone live with the totally new version of www.MichaelsVintageRacing.com! It's got tons of cool photos, info about our cars and drivers, our 2018 schedule, and more! Please take a minute to give it a look and share any input!
  3. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Thanks, but this is a race car and I've got a set of Webers on it already. I am still looking for everything in the original post, however.
  4. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Where are you located? Do you have any photos?
  5. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Still looking for everything but the headlight assemblies!
  6. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    If you could PM a couple pictures, that would be helpful!
  7. Looking for some 240/260/280 Parts

    Hi everyone, I want to clean up my 260 this winter, and I'm looking for a few pieces to help that process along. I'd like to find: Hood LF fender Both headlight assemblies Left door The rear valance panel under the taillights Maybe the LR fender area (I can give more detail if need be) I'm still new to the Datsun game, so I need a bit of help knowing what exactly will fit my car. My car's build date is 11/74, and I've attached a photo of the car's ID plate. Please let me know what I need, and if you have it! Thanks, Mike
  8. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Thanks! I'm using a video game called Forza Motorsport 6, actually. It's pretty simplistic, but it helps visualize different things. They have a decent car selection, too, which helps.
  9. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    The Z's first race weekend with me is over, and it went great! The car had no issues, it ran great, and I had an absolute blast learning about it! The welded rear was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to learning how to make one work. The road gearing is a bit wider than ideal but very usable, and once I started double-clutching The gearbox worked very well. I surprised a lot of people with the car's pace, including myself! I can't wait to get the car out again as we continue to make improvements. Photos coming soon!
  10. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    I tallied up the whopping 169 votes I received in the livery poll, and here are the final scores! Type 1: 73 votes Type 2: 27 votes Type 3: 58 votes Type 4: 11 votes These are some designs I and various fans came up with in the meantime! If you have any opinions of these or any other ideas, feel free to share!
  11. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Thank you! That was decision #1, even before I had a Z to work with. I may shy away from design 3 for the same reason, as it's very reminiscent of that livery, but we'll see.
  12. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    It's pretty rough cosmetically, so it's going to need a repaint one way or the other, and I'd like this car to stand out from the crowd a little bit. Additionally, if I do end up going the rental route I think the car would be a great way to advertise our shop and its colors.
  13. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    I've been having some fun coming up with potential liveries for the Datsun, and I'd like to get some opinions! Which do you think looks best? Any other ideas I should try? The colors came out a bit funky for some reason, but it's the same color scheme the Ginetta uses:
  14. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Very cool, I'm sure we've seen you around! I'm positive I'll have questions in the future if you don't mind, but I still have to learn enough to know what those questions are Edit: Now that I'm on a laptop, I see what jhm was talking about with the bogus Amazon link in my original post. I fixed that by hyperlinking the whole shop name to our shop's website. One victory for the little guys!
  15. Exciting news! I just got a 240Z race car!

    Thanks, I'm really looking forward to it! Yes definitely one of those "big deal" cars and I'm excited to have been able to get my hands on one. I was nervous about your link comment; turns out turbo was correct about it being an ad. Since you mentioned links, if anyone wants to see what I normally work on feel free to visit the site I made for the shop! It's www.michaelsvintageracing.com. There are photos and videos of all the cars there!