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  1. L31 street performer build

    The rod length is measured center to center, so the diameter of the journal would be irrelevant. My understanding is that he was welding and grinds the cranks to get more stroke (actually I think now I heard he's having cranks forged). He's also using diesel blocks now from what I understand, which allows more rod length because the deck is taller. There is a limit to how close you can get the pin to the deck, so taller deck, longer stroke and as long a rod and as high a pin height as possible.
  2. L31 street performer build

    I recall about 10 years ago you used to be able to get a whole set of Ross forged for about $500, but you had to know the specs. If you called them and asked for an off the shelf Datsun piston, it was $900 or something like that.
  3. You can do the struts without taking the control arms off. You can take the control arm off with the strut to change the inner bushings, too. But when you take the strut off of the control arm, you're entering a forbidden realm. Beyond this place, there be dragons. Search "spindle pin puller" if you want to save a whole lot of hassle.
  4. Not going to work. I was pretty sure the 280ZX stub and bearing are the same as the 510, which is smaller than the Z. Just verified that on Timken.com. Z rear wheel bearings are RW116 and RW117. 510 and 280ZX bearing numbers are RW101 and RW125. The ZX stub shafts are smaller. I believe 1/16" smaller diameter.
  5. Stock cam high CR.

    Totally agree with Chickenman. I'd rather have the engine built with dished pistons if the cam is going to be stock. If you're going with flat tops, get a bigger cam and do the work to make it function (shorter valve stem seals, different springs and retainers). Only disagreement I have is that I'd have gone bigger with the cam than he did. Otherwise, like he said, you'll be retarding the timing to the point where you're leaving a lot of power on the table to prevent pinging. Flat tops and N42 with a minimal shave just to get it flat would put you in the 10.5:1 range or close to it. N42/N47 has a crappy combustion chamber. It's going to ping unless you run a big enough cam.
  6. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    Last I heard you can still get them from Nissan. I also sourced one from a guy who was going to sell me CV boots when I had M2 going, so if you have a local driveline shop they might have one that works that you don't have to wait for.
  7. Alignment numbers

    Yes, you would want to move the xmember to the pass side. There isn't much room there, certainly not enough to fix it, but might make it a little better.
  8. Alignment numbers

    Those are some crappy numbers, I hate to say. Even the rear has a significant problem, which is A LOT of toe out. That's enough toe to wear out a set of tires pretty fast, not to mention it should have a scary tendency to oversteer, if you could ever get any grip out of the front end. Guessing this is a street car based on the Eibach lowering springs. I'd suggest you loosen the front crossmember bolts and try and shift it to the right to correct some of the camber issue. You won't get it fixed, but might be able to improve it a bit. If you want to go further you can slot the holes in the strut tower to adjust camber, do plates, or do adjustable control arms (look out though, you'll have to push so far out on that right side that you will need to be concerned with running out of length on the tie rods. In the back the simplest fix is going to be camber bushings. I wouldn't try to change the camber too much, just fix that horrendous toe out situation. For street car, I'd run about 1/16 or 1/8 toe in front and rear. Good luck with it!
  9. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Sent $50, wish I could do more.
  10. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Donation drive or go fund me. Would be a crime to shut it down.
  11. SS Battery Tray from zcardepot

    FWIW you can weld mild to stainless without any special set up. It ruins the corrosion resistance of the stainless in the area where the welding is done, but you're already welding to non-stainless stuff anyway, so What?
  12. Pikes Peaks 2016

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/386021341481608/permalink/1394677927282606/?sale_post_id=1394677927282606 Still works for me. PM me your email address and I'll send to the seller.
  13. Pikes Peaks 2016

    73 shell in IA for $600: https://www.facebook.com/groups/386021341481608/permalink/1394677927282606/?sale_post_id=1394677927282606 I don't think you're a member there Cameron. Tried to tag you and it wouldn't let me. Its the 240z 260z 280z lovers Facebook group.
  14. I think the idea is that by making the car longer the air recirculating off of the top and bottom doesn't converge right at the back of the car. This lowers drag and lift. I tried to get McBeath to comment on this with regards to the whale tail on a Z, which also doesn't really have a huge angle to it, yet produces pretty significant downforce. He said at that time that he hadn't done too much testing on spoilers. I let my RCE subscription lapse, so I haven't kept up with his aerobytes articles as of late. Maybe he's dealt with whale tails. If so, I think that would be applicable or at least analogous to what is going on with these drag/LSR spoilers. My gut says if they didn't work they wouldn't be so ubiquitous.
  15. NA 3.1L=>head & camshaft questions. No shortcuts, max

    I'm sure there are a bunch. You really want to tow it all the way over here? I can come to you if you're looking for a co-driver / moral support. I don't think I'm going to get mine running again this year. Feel like I'm stuck in neutral for 2 years now and can't move.