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  1. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I According to Gpop, a new housing would be an additional $100-$250 and they commented:
  2. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    Wow @seattlejester sounds like you obsess over hobbies like this even more than I do... haha. Get that fuel pump back in already and convince me otherwise! It helps when I can actually see something installed/in action. FYI, here is Gpop's response in case you or anyone else were interested. They quote $895 for compressor upgrade and rebuild where they use a t4 .50 trim wheel inside of the stock compressor housing. That would allow me to continue to use my MSA downpipe and internal wastegate, and it would be a direct fit (no spacer off intake manifold), but I'm not sure how easily that would get me to 300HP?
  3. Everyone has a V8. I got it cus I liked the unique sound of the inline-6 with a turbo. Also, to me the classic Z car embodies Japan much more than any modern Honda/Toyota/Nissan and I love Japan
  4. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    Ok, good to know. Glad you have checked on this beforehand. I sent them an email just in case. So basically I can rebuild or just get this: http://www.himni-racing.com/turbochargers/garrett-t-series-journal-bearing/garrett-t3-t04e-stage-iii-turbo-50-trim-450-hp And end up with a similar price point, but one is new and the other isn't. TBH I was considering the rebuild because I was just worried about getting a fake chinese-Garrett or something haha...
  5. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I'm in exactly $5,521.01 just for engine/exhaust mods at the moment 😓 haha so it's not that i don't mind spending a bit, but.... Here is my predicament. I could spend $700 and get a reliable Garrett T3/T4 or non SX Borg Warner that will get me to my power goals. I could also spend $1600 and get a fancy new Garrett with Ball bearings, stainless polish, etc. that will also get me to my power goals. But am I, as a novice mechanic and someone with almost no sports car experience, gonna notice a $900 performance difference between the two? Probably not. Newer turbos are nice, but how those translate to real-world performance (e.g. spooling to full boost takes 1.6 seconds vs. 1.3 seconds) is probably something that insignificant to me as an amateur. I'd rather take that $900 and repair rust on my front fenders. I think so, anyways.... From another thread, I think I found something that answers my original question... I also just learned of these guys: http://gpopshop.com/services/rebuilding/ I think I am gonna use their rebuild/upgrade services to keep it simple. That way I can keep my MSA downpipe which I just put on like 3 weeks ago Keepin it simple & "OEM" ish. And it is within a reasonable budget!
  6. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    efr6258? The $1250+ one? Twin scroll would be sweet but way more involved than I want. There is a high chance I'll just stick with a modest T3/T4 or one of the ones that SeattleJester mentioned. I know it is "older" tech, but it is still better than the stock T3, and will easily get me to 300hp for a reasonable price, internal wastegate, and direct fit.
  7. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I'll have to check your external waste gate if I get the chance. I don't have a lot of capability to make anything custom so I was just trying to be as bolt on as possible. But I certainly would appreciate the newest tech that I can find. I'll start looking at some non T3/T4 options. I can't see ever wanting 400hp on this car. I don't really have any desire to go above 300hp, so as long as driveability is good that is probably enough for me and maybe I don't need anything super fancy.
  8. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    No specific reason in this thread. Only thing I can think of is that maybe 50 trim loses a little too much top end power. Do you have experience with either?
  9. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    So I have determined that starting to spool at 2400 RPM with full 7 PSI boost by ~2700 RPM (like the stock T3) is probably a little over zealous. I think that achieving full boost closer to 3000-3100 RPM is fine. I was just worried about reducing usable powerband since I have the stock cam and the engine falls off around 5500 RPM. Sounds like a T3/T4 .57 trim .63 A/R turbo with a stage III wheel would accomplish this from researching many threads around this site. Something like this: http://www.himni-racing.com/turbochargers/garrett-t-series-journal-bearing/garrett-t3-t04e-stage-iii-turbo-57-trim-475-hp @Chickenman you mentioned .57 trim in an earlier post... do you have personal experience with using a similar turbo? Are my full boost @ 3000-3100 RPM goals within reason?
  10. AlbatrossCafe

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I'm actually getting my MS2 harness built by Softopz up there and he is preloading your tune haha I stressed over injectors for a while. But I think 440cc should put me right at 80% duty cycle if I go all the way to 300hp, according to this calculator: https://www.raceworks.com.au/calculators/injector-hp-calculator/ Since I already bought them, I'll give them a shot. Actually you are right. I was looking through some videos of me accelerating and although boost can happen as low as 2400 RPM, I usually am operating between 3k-5k most of the time I am accelerating. So I might not need to go as low of a spool RPM as I thought. It is not necessarily low-end grunt that I'm after, but I just didn't want the engine to be a dog until it hit like 4000 RPM and then all of a sudden launches forward. Which Turbo do you have?
  11. I've been reading up on turbos for over 6 hours between today and yesterday 🤪 haha and have gone from zero knowledge to some knowledge. I am a big proponent of "buy once, cry once" methodology and while I am updating a bunch of other stuff on the Z, I am wondering if I should just knock out the turbo as well. HP Goal: Reliable 260hp-290hp for application that is 99% street Torque Goal: 300-310ft/lbs Spool RPM: 2400 RPM start with full boost by ~3000 RPM (similar to stock!) Wastegate: Internal (don't want to be swapping anything out or fabbing external brackets) I think 260hp to 290hp is a little high for the stock T3 to feel comfortable. I also don't want to run a ton of PSI if I can help it. So far I am installing: - 1982 L28ET with stock internals - 1978 280z with '78 R200 diff and '78 5-speed transmission - Megasquirt 2 - 240sx 60mm throttle body, 440cc Supra injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump - Greddy Intercooler 2.25" piping with HKS BOV - 2.5" MSA downpipe to 3" mandrel bent exhaust with straight-through muffler - Mishimoto radiator with dual 12" Spal electric fans If I understand what I have been reading correctly, I want something with a lower A/R. Something around .57? I read on here that a user had a .48 that spooled at 1200RPM. That is probably a little extreme 😄. Not sure about trim. I would like it to be between $500-$800 if possible (no China turbos either). So does anyone have any recommendation or experience with a T3/T4 turbo that spools at a similar RPM to stock?
  12. AlbatrossCafe

    What is this part? (is there a thread for this?)

    Thank you, that is definitely it. Now to figure out how to remove it... 😈
  13. 1978 280z with 1982 L28ET I have looked diagrams but this looks like it is on a custom bracket so I am a bit confused. It is on the driver's side right in front of the J-pipe. I think it had a fuel line coming off of it but I can't remember now that I look at it. Does it look familiar to anyone?
  14. AlbatrossCafe

    Varying Intercooler Piping Size

    I got the same dual Spal fans that you did. I also need a new radiator (probably will get Mishimoto as well, is it this one?). I swear I am not just copying you, I just feel these are the best items for the job. Any luck with having someone cut a shroud for ya? Think we could work out a "bulk item" deal?
  15. AlbatrossCafe

    Temp reads high while moving, but cools while stopped?

    Yes, I am running that tank. The coolant level is about 1/2" above the "Min" line. Ah of course, it seems obvious now that you mention it. I filled the radiator to the brim once and called it good. I did not run it for a bit and then add a little more as I normally do. When I opened the rad after pulling over on my way home, the coolant was decently below filler neck. I'll add more this week and report back. Thanks.