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  1. AlbatrossCafe

    Seats - Sparco R100 vs OMP

    There is a race shop near my place that has a TON of seats. I went and sat in every single one of them lol. Body shapes/dimensions/preferences vary so greatly that it I think the only way to know is try it out unfortunately...
  2. AlbatrossCafe

    Electric Power Steering Information Compiled

    Ah, I didn't even think of that. I have an 1982 L28ET in mine (swapped by previous owner). If the pump is already there, it seems like a no brainer! When most people do the engine swap, what do they do with the old power steering? Do they just drain the power steering fluid and seal up the hoses? To get it working again, would I have to do any "reconditioning" first?
  3. I have those XXR 527 wheels in "Black Chrome" with 225/50/R16. Kinda wish I went with 205/50/R16 as the 225s are super meaty. Just put everything on. The wheels are actually 16 x 8.25. I haven't done anything to get them fit. I am on coilovers, but I am only about 0.5" lowered from stock height. Same as you, I have a fiberglass front air dam that I need color matched. That thing is gorgeous! I also have the BRE rear spoiler as well. It takes some prep to paint it. Mine came with scratches/gouges and was unprepped. If you really want to be flawless, you will likely have to do some fiberglass repair to make it nice and smooth unfortunately. I didn't go that far. I just sanded, primed, and painted. I couldn't find a good color match without doing a custom mix so I just decided to go with black. Will probably get everything vinyl wrapped pretty soon here anyway.
  4. AlbatrossCafe

    BC coilover ??

    Man, cutting those towers was nerve racking, especially in the rear! I don't like getting metal dust all over the inside of the car. I installed coilovers with the camber adjustment at the strut tower and adjustable control arms at the same time. It made alignment pretty easy for the shop. Everyone does their camber plates differently. I have Stance coilovers. I liked them because it is a no-weld solution. TBH I was very concerned about strength as well because you have to cut away a LOT of material, but the new plates that you bolt/weld onto there add that rigidity back in. I haven't had any problems in the 30 miles I've driven it... haha. This car is light, and most of us (if not all of us) are not jumping their Z in the desert, so there isn't as much vertical force as you think at each corner.
  5. AlbatrossCafe

    Electric Power Steering Information Compiled

    Why would you go with hydro over electric? Cost? "ZPowerSteering" is a lot of money but at least you know everything fits/works! That is good for someone like me :) I wonder why people say "hydro is better than electric". It seems like electric is very adjustable, so you should be able to get it close to your liking. Now that I have completely swapped suspension and gotten stickier 225mm tires, I think power steering would really help me. I find I take turns at <30mph (e.g. like turning left at an intersection or onto a side street) pretty wide when I take them at speed because I don't crank enough lol
  6. AlbatrossCafe

    New here with a question.

    I"ve been wrestling with the same problem... honestly most of the parts I wouldn't mind giving away for free. I hate to just throw them away, but I don't need them and I'm not about to hoard old pieces for years. I have no idea.
  7. AlbatrossCafe

    Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I just finished my coilover installation and have only driven it a few miles. Already it sounds like the entire trunk has been ripped off even with all doors closed, since those rear strut tower tops are completely open with the camber plates. You can hear all the wind/tire noise even at like 30mph. I don't want a "race car". I would love to insulate against some of the sound. I haven't tried to put the plastic covers on yet, but I imagine they won't be enough. I will experiment with what I can stuff over it to muffle the noise. This is probably the biggest (and only) negative to my coilover installation so far. For some reason I don't have a pic of the back, but you can imagine it looks a bit like this for now:
  8. AlbatrossCafe

    Just Vinyl Wrapped my 240z... Here are my thoughts

    That is a very good price. $1500 is totally worth it to me. I was hoping that you had a front air-dam on there so I could see what you did. I have a urethane one now (haven't put it on yet) but I'm thinking vinyl will not stick to it. Might sell it and go with fiberglass if I am gonna wrap.
  9. AlbatrossCafe

    Just Vinyl Wrapped my 240z... Here are my thoughts

    Thanks for the review! I've been thinking about Vinyl for my car. It seems like a much simpler option than going through all the paint prep and it looks just as good or BETTER! Yours went from "scrapyard look" (no offense haha) to a Z that looks damn near perfect! Plus it seems cheaper. Although, I am not as brave as you and don't think I would do it myself haha. Glad to know it seems reasonable though. I'm thinking of a mirrored chrome look, or like a mirrored dark blue... not sure yet
  10. 425 Motorsports over in Bellevue! I see you are from there. They are about a mile west of Crossroads. I live about a mile east of Crossroads so they are convenient for me. They are doing the chopping/welding for my coilovers. They have done very high quality work for me so far.
  11. ??? I just took out the strut assembly and the lower control arm together and brought that in. No need to take the whole car lol
  12. I tried my spindle spins for about 20 min on each side, and realized very quickly that it was NOT going to be an enjoyable experience at all. I paid a shop for an hour's worth of labor. Not sure what exactly they did, but I do know it involved a hydraulic press. Anyways, $100 later and a huge headache and hours of my time saved. Worth it for me.
  13. AlbatrossCafe

    Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    Sure is. Got it here: https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/filters-and-by-pass-systems/air/amsoil-ea-universal-air-induction-filters/ Though TBH it won't be much of a review... I bought my Z last fall, put about 60 miles on it driving it home, took off all the suspension, and it has been on jackstands ever since waiting for coilover parts to arrive and welding to be done. So I don't really have a benchmark to judge it against haha
  14. AlbatrossCafe

    Ls1 77 280z

    The paint is so good. The gloss. The Depth ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I also love the black moulding around the windows.
  15. AlbatrossCafe

    Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    Welp, regardless, it's too late now. It barely fit. I had to remove my oil cooler from it's mount to put it on. I'd say "For the next one, I'll go back to the smaller size" but given that this car will be driven ~2000 miles per year, I couldn't tell ya if there will even be a next one...