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  1. Techno toy front control arms

    I bought TTT's rear + front control arms (not the GTX2, the other ones) + their tension rods. I haven't installed them yet cus I'm waiting for Stance coilovers be built so I can do everything at once. I'll say that initial quality is very good. Powdercoating looks durable and welds are clean. I'll try to give an update in a few weeks (hopefully Stance is quick) when I get everything on. Only negative so far is that they missed sending me one nylon-locking nut
  2. Which vac hose to tap for boost gauge? (with pics)

    Awesome! I didn't even know there were extra unused caps. That makes it even easier/safer. I'm gonna try that tonight and see if I can get it working. Your prize is pending my success...
  3. Can anyone tell me which vac hose to tap for a mechanical boost gauge on an L28ET? I took a pic. Bonus if you can draw an arrow pointing to a specific hose!
  4. I've been doing hours of research and have decided to get a boost gauge for my 280z with L28ET turbo swap. The problem is, I don't really like the look of any of the mechanical gauges. I really like the Speedhut one where you can "Design your own" and has an LED warning light: http://www.speedhut.com/gauge/GR-BOOST-01/1/Boost-Vac-Gauge-30inhg-0-20psi-(w--warning) I called and they said this was an electronic gauge. I know that installing a mechanical one is easy, but is an electronic boost gauge just as simple? It looks like speedhut supplies you with a pressure sensor and sensor wiring harness. It seems like you would just tap into the vacuum line with the T fitting, plug in the pressure sensor to the t-fitting, and run their sensor wiring harness to your gauge instead of a vacuum line like you would for a mechanical one. Is this correct?
  5. Haha, I guess anything really is possible... A+ for ingenuity
  6. Pictures Of Pillar Pod Style gauges In Car

    I actually really like the "industrial" look of this. Anyone have a link to the kind of mounts used or know what to search for? I can only find full-pillar pod styles.
  7. Saturn Electric Power Steering In A Datsun 280Z

    Awesome! What did everything end up costing you in the end?
  8. I try to utilize old threads instead of creating a new one and getting the dreaded "DID YOU EVEN SEARCH?" reply. However, that is very unfortunate...
  9. Wheel spacer doesn't fit 280z front ;(

    Got a response back from zcardepot... "Some years have to be machined on the inner lip to a larger bore. You can send it to a machine shop or just use a die grinder." So I guess I am expected by them to make this modification if I want to use the spacers Oh well.
  10. What exactly would that difference be, and why would a 7" vs 8" wheel affect it that much?
  11. Wheel spacer doesn't fit 280z front ;(

    I don't think so... I scraped off the gunk from that inner bit with a flathead screwdriver and that flathead wasn't getting caught on anything. Plus the previous owner left this car 98% stock so I doubt he would have randomly added a spigot ring (especially for OEM wheels). Gonna try to really clean off everything really well as @NewZed said and see one more time if I can make it work.
  12. Wheel spacer doesn't fit 280z front ;(

    Nah, I think I know how much I would need them to bore out. I found there was a machine shop that specializes in auto stuff and especially on wheels so I'll give them a holler and see what they recommend.
  13. Wheel spacer doesn't fit 280z front ;(

    Could I have a machine shop bore out the center just a bit more so that it fits?
  14. Hey all, bought a pair of wheels with some positive offset, so I got a set of 25mm wheel spacers all around to make them fit. I went with the pair listed at zcardepot: https://zcardepot.com/wheel-spacer-set-pair-1.html I was hoping this would "ensure" that they fit all around (since zcardepot specializes in z-cars) but alas, the fronts do not. On the front (stock) hub, it seems that rubber-ish (might just be gunk lol) piece sticking out doesn't clear the center bore of the spacer. I need about 1/8" more clearance. See the following pics. Should I have expected this? Is there just gunk build-up on my car that needs to be cleaned off? What is this rubber extension anyway? Am I screwed unless I get new hubs? FYI - the wheels themselves have 73.1mm inner bore (~2 7/8") and would likely fit on the hub if they were correct offset. I have to use a hub ring to properly center them on the spacer outer edge. Gap when fitted: The center bore appears to be machined out to compensate, but it is just a bit too narrow: OEM wheel has 2 7/8" inner bore: Spacer has 2 5/8" inner bore:
  15. Which power steering kit did you get? @socorob