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  1. 240zshawn

    Want to buy z31 turbo cv axles.

    Want to buy z31 turbo 4 bolt cv axles. Also need 25 spline 240z stub axles.
  2. 240zshawn

    Can you tell me the name of this wide body kit?

    Thanks. I wasmt sure because they filled in the back of it.
  3. I have this kit on the rear of my car and i wanted to do a little more research on it. If anyone can tell me the name of it i would appreciate it.
  4. 240zshawn

    '89 ZXT Part Out

    Do you still have companion flanges?
  5. 240zshawn

    New to forums and z cars

    I also know my car has 5 lug conversion i dont know how it was converted i need to double check what spline is in the car hopefully it has 300zx brakes or something to make the change over easier
  6. 240zshawn

    New to forums and z cars

    Car has a r200 in it with welded spider gears i was hoping to go the route of the companion flange and 280zx turbo cv axles it all seems over priced for just companion flanges
  7. 240zshawn

    New to forums and z cars

    Upgrade the rear end or half shafts the whole is around 450hp now if i decide to spray it could be high 600s low 700s at the crank. So i need something that can handle that
  8. 240zshawn

    New to forums and z cars

    Just picked up new to me z ita a 73 with a 383 and 350 trans stock rear looking for direction on replacing it broke stock half shaft test driving it
  9. 240zshawn

    Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Any more updates on this axles hubs etc?