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  1. when swapping alts to modern GM alt you do away with most of the old wiring and start over. the GM 1 wire alt is the easiest and most used by swappers. with the CS144 L to S and batt is prolly the way I have seen it done most often. with the 1 wire you only need a small light bulb in the control wire to add a little resistance. that wire is known as the exciter wire and that bulb is usually the light you see on the dash when the engine is not running but the key is on.
  2. 72' Distribution Valve

    I have had the same problem with drums and this was the cure installed about 18" down stream from MC. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Wilwood-260-13707-Drum-Brake-10-PSI-Residual-Pressure-Valve-Red,233814.html
  3. a Z for the wife

    The wife is making all the decisions on body and paint for this car. She wanted orange base with micro fine metal flake .004 in the base not the clear. When the clear is applied the base has just flashed and the flake comes through in various amounts so some looks like orange and some metal. Then the car was set in the sun foe a few weeks. Brought back in the shop went over with 600 grit wet then re cleared with mandarin candy. I have not been able to capture the effects at all with a camera yet. So here are a few pics that show a little.
  4. a Z for the wife

    The trailer set up was nice for sand blasting because we were able to get all under it.
  5. a Z for the wife

    1973 Z found in a barn spring 2017 where it had hung on its side for over 25 years.
  6. Finally sprayed my Z

    That looks like a very professional paint job. Candy is very hard to do people do not realize how steady and consistent your coats need to be.
  7. counting cars 240z

    The story was that they wanted a car to flip that Danny would not want to keep for himself. They paid about 8k for a real nice 240z drove it to the shop and did paint and interior and not much more. Danny said he would like to get 30k for it.
  8. counting cars 240z

    I caught the episode with the 240Z yesterday. I was surprised that they did not do more with the Z. they could have done a supper nice 70s style custom paint job. There is another new car show out with a 240Z I don’t remember the name of the show but they are supposed to have a GM v6 turbo set up in it.
  9. wow that's great thank you very much.
  10. thanks Richard I do pretty good with this kind of stuff but never done an engine with a computer so I was a little intimidated but I made a good bit of progress last night. where is your AC pump? I could not use mine in the bottom left position because of engine mounts.
  11. thank you very much I will use everything you guys help me with.
  12. thank you very much for your help and that vid is great help also.
  13. this is my first time working with an ls1 so I guess I am lucky it is drive by cable. I have the complete harness and puter from the gto and is was prepped by the company the sold it to me. it is drive by cable so what all will I have to do as far as wiring goes? I have it mounted in the car and it came with T56. I have been looking at the wiring and I have the pin outs all listed for the ls1. I have swapped a lot but this is my first new age engine. thanks guys
  14. I used the dirty dingo engine mounts and my LS1 is from a 2004 GTO so the pump is low left side. I want the LS1 back against the fire wall for weight distribution. I don't care about AC but this build is for the wife so has any of you all come up with a way to fit AC? this is my first time asking for help but I have used the shit outa your site for this project. thanks a lot guys. 1973 240z