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  1. Thanks guys, I think I was literally looking at this from the wrong angle. Parts of the floor pan will be easier to remove from underneath. I should have realized that last night while drilling out some of the seat bracket-to-floor pan spot welds from underneath, but my arm was so tired it was about to fall off.
  2. I have seen this topic briefly mentioned, and also seen a 240Z video showing this. I think the seat bracket mounting is different between the 240Z and 280Z. If it is possible, I would like to leave the brackets in place. I've started removing the floor, and I'm not yet sure if it is possible to remove the floor pan spot welds to the inner rocker panel in the vicinity of the seat brackets. Thanks in advance
  3. Roberts280Z

    Fender support pads

    I see - thanks. I suppose glue makes more sense there for stopping rattles.
  4. Roberts280Z

    Fender support pads

    I have the fenders off from my '76 280Z for some rust repair. There are some pads that support the outer fender that appear to originally have been covered with some kind of foam or padding. Does anybody know what this was originally, or what could be used as a replacement?