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  1. Ha! My welding and fab experience has been gained solely from this Datsun! So far I've fab'ed and welded in patches for the top fronts of both front fenders, and a couple of other places, and welded in the driver's side floor and rail. I think I'll just continue with the passenger side floor while I ponder more on the rocker. I'm not in any big hurry - I've been at it on this car for over a year, and I just retired totally a couple of months ago so I have even more time now. This Z might not be worth restoring, but I bought it new in '76, and feel guilty about letting it turn to crap. It is a bit concerning that the tim.d photos don't show much worse damage in the rocker sill area than mine. I'll cut away more of the sill with the initial thought that I can just patch that area, which will also give me a better look at what's beneath. But so far what I see looks good. BTW thanks tim.d for those photos - I've seen plenty of floor pan videos and photos, but hadn't seen your rocker photos before.
  2. Thanks for that. Yeah, the rocker bottom looks good. If I hadn't already bought the panel, I would just make some patches like you say. I'm new to this kind of work, and sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious to me.
  3. I bought a Tabco rocker panel, thinking originally that I would just replace the whole thing. But now I'm thinking I'll have less work, and do a better job, if I just replace the sections that need it (sill area), using the Tabco part as donor. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks guys, I think I was literally looking at this from the wrong angle. Parts of the floor pan will be easier to remove from underneath. I should have realized that last night while drilling out some of the seat bracket-to-floor pan spot welds from underneath, but my arm was so tired it was about to fall off.
  5. I have seen this topic briefly mentioned, and also seen a 240Z video showing this. I think the seat bracket mounting is different between the 240Z and 280Z. If it is possible, I would like to leave the brackets in place. I've started removing the floor, and I'm not yet sure if it is possible to remove the floor pan spot welds to the inner rocker panel in the vicinity of the seat brackets. Thanks in advance
  6. Roberts280Z

    Fender support pads

    I see - thanks. I suppose glue makes more sense there for stopping rattles.
  7. Roberts280Z

    Fender support pads

    I have the fenders off from my '76 280Z for some rust repair. There are some pads that support the outer fender that appear to originally have been covered with some kind of foam or padding. Does anybody know what this was originally, or what could be used as a replacement?