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  1. Exile

    Driveshaft is Stuck Good

    Got it done. Thanks gents!
  2. Sounds good duderino. I don't care too much about the defrost grids, as long as it'll mount up and seal properly with my 280.
  3. I'd like to see a handful more pictures of Hatch #2, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy it. The one on my 280z is rusted to hell. I'm in the Shreveport, LA area, but will pay for shipping.
  4. Exile

    Driveshaft is Stuck Good

    Sweet, I guess I've got some options now. Unfortunately, using heat might not really be an option for me (in the military and still live in the shitty junior enlisted dorms. No flammable shit allowed, much less a blowtorch), but I do appreciate all of the other suggestions. It completely didn't occur to me to put something through the u-joint, so... my bad. I'm gonna try to get at it again this next weekend.
  5. Right, so me and my buddies have been trying for 6 hours to remove this damn driveshaft off my 1977 280z coupe. The nuts are stuck on there good. We went so far as getting a wrench on there and turning on the car and running it such as to try to knock a nut loose by engine torque (yes, I know this was probably one of the dumbest things we could have done, but we needed results). Ended up wrapping a wrench around the driveshaft (not even exaggerating). The only thing we haven't yet done is heating up the nuts with a torch, but with all the other things we've done, I get the impression even that won't have promising results, so if anyone knows anything about this, what is a good, safe way to remove the driveshaft? Our next step, if that doesn't work, is to just dremel the nuts/heads off of the flange and go from there. I don't even mind if, at this point, I'd have to buy a new driveshaft (probably not a bad idea anyhow, what with the above mentioned shitshow), but I have heard the U-joints are a pain in the ass to find. If anyone has any advice at all, it would be much appreciated.
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking to soon be the owner of an 82/83 280ZX Turbo. I'm fairly new to the car scene, and this is going to be the first car that I actually buy myself. I wanted something that would stand out and be (relatively) tuneable, plus that straight-6 engine. Trying to find one that's already in fairly good condition, because I'm not too familiar with car mechanics just yet and don't want to get a gigantic project, though I'm more comfortable with mechanical work than electrical or body work, so I'd rather get one with a blown head gasket and destroyed transmission than one with bad paint and rust or faulty electrical components. So yeah, saving up my money for the next three months, then going on the hunt.