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    280SR-Z from Germany

    Was brauchst du denn genau? Meine ist ziemlich hin gewesen, aber vielleicht ist ja noch was zu gebrauchen was dir hilft.

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Hey Guys, little Update. Some more Engine Parts painted. Hope to Can make some process Next week After i get the costumer cars out of the Garage.

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Alleine aufgrund der doppelten Leistung sollte der sich schon anders fahren

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Der Aftermarketbereich ist echt groß beim SR. Der Hype ist denke ich mittlerweile schon wieder etwas vorbei aber die Serienleistung ist natürlich auch n Punkt. Ich bin mal gespannt wie der Eimer sich am ende fährt.

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Naja, Serie zieht der keinen Hering vom Teller und um etwas bumms da rein zu bekommen muss man gleich den ganzen Motor neu machen. Aber ich muss gestehen das meine CA-Erfahrungen nicht besonders groß sind, bekomme das nur immer so nebenbei mit und das sehr viele von CA auf SR swappen wird n Grund haben

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Naja, so richtig toll find ich die von Klang her beide nicht, wenn man mal nen RB gehört hat. Ne, also der CA ist für mich das schwarze Schaf der Nissan Turbo-Familie

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Yes, I hope it would be nice to drive

    280SR-Z from Germany

    That I´ll take the 2+2 was not planned, it can grab it for a very good price. An I like the 2+2, think it looks a little more massive in the rear. I mounted the Flares by following the shape of them. What you can't see in the photos is, that they are a little bit curved on the top so that way is the only way to mount them "flush" Ich glaube wir können das ja auch auf deutsch machen Ja, du hast da recht, 210/211 Ps ist das, was ich darf. Ich mach den Import-Tuning-Krempel schon 10 Jahre und hab ganz gute Connections zum Tüv, aber seit ein paar Jahren stellen die sich mit der Leistung auch ziemlich an. Jetzt ist es so das ich die Leistung eingetragen bekomme, welche der Dyno ausspuckt und irgendwo zwischen Serienleistung des SR20 und den 210Ps liegt, zusätzlich werden LLK, Auspuff, etc eingetragen. Was am ende wirklich dabei raus kommt muss ja keiner wissen. Das war einer der Gründe warum es kein RB geworden ist, wobei ich mittlerweile mit der Wahl ganz glücklich bin aufgrund Gewicht, Gewichtsverteilung etc. Bei deinem wäre dann, zumindest auf offiziellem Weg, nur der CA18 möglich, wobei ob man den haben will steht auf nem anderen Blatt.

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Hi Folks, nothing too interesting cause of other cars but I had started to assemble my engine for the Z. Think it looks not so bad.

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Nothing Major happened, but the car is at the paintshop Will get it back in 3-4 Weeks, I´m so excited. This weekend I will give my 1987 Honda Melody Scooter a little engine rebuild and had some costumer projects but next week the engine build and restoration of the interior will start

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Hi Jeff, I follow your Build on Youtube and love it. You re so great and all your work looks so perfect.. Looking forward to your next video. Best regards from Germany, also to Mrs. Jeff Alex

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Hi Guys, little update: Had the engine testfittend this Week and install the front flares. Now the car is ready for the new paint. It would be RAL 7015 Slate Grey. The engine looks so sweet in this huge engine bay but with the lines, hoses and ancillaries it would be nice and look very tidy. Tomorrow the car goes to the paintshop and I would start to work on the engine. All the axles are back from the coating so I can trow them together until car comes back Updates from engine and interior will come soon.
  13. Hi Folks, maybe its interesting for some of you so I like to share the process on my Z with you. Normally I import cars from JP to Germany but my Z is from the lone star state Texas and find its way to Germany this spring. Little curious story: The last TX owner lived 1mi from Gasmonkey Garage and as you all know they had build a Datsun before last Semi. I think mine was in too bad shape so Richard don't bought it for the build, but anyway.. I bought my car at the 19.03 this year from a Moviecardealer in Berlin and get it into m garage a few days later. Because of oo many other project the car sits in my yard for some weeks before I can start. End of April I striped it down and get it blasted and primed. After That I had startet with some welding jobs, but theres nothing to bad so I will finish that next week and the car cango to the paint shop. This is hot it actually looks: Some test fittings. I also cleaned put the whole engine bay and make everything smooth and nice. The interesting part will follow after the car would came back from the painter in Slate Gray. Following Parts are waiting in my garage for the install after the paint or are in transit: SR20DET with Stock S15 top mounted Turbo, complete handmade 3" exhaust, Apexi Power FC and wiring specialities harness Sparco Seats, Black leather interior with grey stitch, Nardi Steering, New Center Console, Speedhut Gauges, AEM AFR All underneath is black or red powder coated with new PU-Bushes BC Racing Coils and 10x17 and 8,5x17 Japan Racing Wheels with Federal RSR Semi Slicks, complete R33 Skyline Brake System with extra Handbrake Caliper Front Aidam, 240Z Style Bumpers and Fender Flares There are a lot more little modifications, will update more interesting thinks after car is at the paintshop and I can start to put the engine together and do some fabrication. Have a nice Sunday. Alex
  14. Liebe Grüße von der Ostsee. Schönes Auto hast du dir da gebaut