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  1. We dont either, They are from Google Image Search.
  2. I think its more of what is left thats not rusted? What you can see is just the surface rust, rusts are like cancer you wont know its there until that first symtom and its already too late. When I bought my car I checked thorroughly for rust and still when I stripped her down I found more rust. I wouldnt worry too much with cosmetic rust since its going to be a stripped down race car, just check for structural rust as suggested by other members.
  3. Thanks Steve, do you by any chance know the part number for the bolts?
  4. Thanks guys, I'll confirm after when they are here. As for the bolts, should I order them from Nissan or any high tensile bolts will do?
  5. Does anyone know what Z those cvs came from? They look a bit long for the 280zxt's, Im thinking of the z31 NA cvs but Im not sure, could be z32? The reason I ask is I want to source the bolts for the cv to the flange. Thanks
  6. John is right, as long as you're in that range you should be fine. Those numbers came from the FSM btw.
  7. lubu

    Diff locked up?

    Maynot be the case since the right wheel moves when it's dragged forward. I would check the diff, if necessary unbolt the uni-joints and see if the wheels move.
  8. lubu

    Billet Hood Release Knobs!

    Payment sent for 1 black 280 knob.
  9. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=23131&d=1210737475
  10. If I remember correctly the some of the early Zs do have mechanical cruise control (hand throttle) by lever located in the center console. The cable links to the accelerator pedal, thing is it doesnt release the pedal even if you step on the brake so it is very prone to accident. I advise you not to hook it back up.
  11. lubu

    Crashed into a wall lastnight

    From the look of it I think the front engine moved slightly to the left (driver side) which I think, makes sense since the impact generated at an angle on right side.
  12. lubu

    my rust repair patches

    Good work, where about are you?