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  1. Any info on this car?

    Looking at the steps in the wheel lips it looks like he is running different offsets front vs rear
  2. Jdm exhaust/muffler

    Surfer.tech, Please post how the exhaust and headers fit along with pics of the system once you get it. I've been leaning toward ordering a Kakimoto Hyper 80-R system and even found a Kakimoto Racing dealer in Canada that can order it for me. But I may have to reconsider the Fujitsubo system after finding out the header may fit LHD S30s.
  3. Definitely on of my top 3 favorite Z's on here. Please post more pics!!!
  4. 240ZG Paint Color

    I've been considering this ZG color also so I'm very interested to see if anybody can post up a correct paint match.
  5. 2010 Z Convention

    Photos from 2010 Z Convention in Nashville, TN
  6. Subaru WRX STi R180 Side Axles

    Just wanted to give everybody a heads up... I was able to pick up this week a set of 8 D-sided bolts PN 38228-21000 for the side axles. Got them at $2.83 ea from Rosenthal Nissan in Vienna, VA.
  7. WRX STI R180 Side Axles

  8. L28 Block, Crank, rods and pistons

    Interested in the external spray bar, how much to ship to 22015?
  9. L28 Block, Crank, rods and pistons

    Interested in the external spray bar, how much to ship to 22015?
  10. For Sale: p90 Cylinder head off 81 280zxt Turbo

    Just got the P90. Looks great. Thanks Derek.
  11. Nissan Comp Oil Pan?

    EvilC, How much you were quoted for a Nissan Comp pan and who still carries it? I was unsuccessful trying to find the cost on the Courtesy Nissan website.
  12. RT mounts are ready for shipping

    Are there mounts still available?
  13. gmac708, That will be an awesome beast when it's done!!! Don't mean to take this thread off topic but 2 questions for you: did you need a spacer for the fronts with the -13 offset, if so what size spacer? And is that the Kameari seat you have installed?
  14. Nissan Comp Oil Pan?

    Thanks 240Z. Did 99996-E1130 supersede 99996-E1131?
  15. Nissan Comp Oil Pan?

    Anybody know the PN for the pan?