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  1. My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    Ah ok that makes sense on the roof. Are you concerned with the lack of side impact protection of the CF doors?
  2. My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    I saw this 370z at Zdayz a few years ago and talked to the owner. The main body was skinned but he said because the car flexed the carbon fiber has small cracks in it. I'm sure there is a way to do it but that's a big commitment with no guarantees later on. The s30 flexes way more than a 370z so that might be an issue.
  3. My Carbon Fibre 280z!

    I had the same idea! It's funny how cf is cheaper than paint. lol I couldn't tell in the video but what did they do to your roof? The doors look cool but are you concerned with side impact? Here's mine:
  4. The making of Zilla Z

    That's a great idea. I've heard from other users of the Speedhut GPS speedo is that sometimes it loses connection in certain place so this would be a better solution. Thanks for sharing.
  5. The making of Zilla Z

    I hadn't heard about using a sensor on the prop shaft. Do you have any other details about the set up?
  6. The making of Zilla Z

    Yep. I figured why not get the extra gear of the 350z trans. They also hold a lot of power too (800hp) so I should be more than good. The biggest drawback is that there is no output for the speedo cable so I'll need to run a Speedhut GPS speedo.
  7. boosted300's RB 240Z

    I wonder if the sloppiness is from the size of the injectors or the brand. I'm running a set of RC injectors but they are 750cc.
  8. The making of Zilla Z

    Just realized I hadn't shared the transmission (CD009)set up. I used the forward mount CBF shifter relocator with the adjustable lever. This put the shifter in the perfect spot for me. I also used the Collins adapter and a Datsun SPL311 starter which required additional cutting on the bellhousing. Before I forget. Originally my plan was to use the RB25 bellhousing with the Z32 transmission. Eventually I changed my mind and went with the 350z transmission. I had already bought the TT clutch for the Z32 so here I was stuck with a clutch I had never used. I decided to call Southbend to see if they would be willing to swap clutches and to my surprised they agreed! All I had to do was pay to ship the Z32 clutch to them. Now that's amazing customer service.
  9. The making of Zilla Z

    Ah ok. I have the TR1235 which has a divider on the inlet. I see you went with the Bell intercooler. Their shop is about 20 minutes from my house. Our Z club had a tech day there a few years ago. Corky is a legend in the turbo game. The CLS63 is a lot of fun. It's a 2007 model and I took it into the shop to get an estimate to get some work done on it and let's just say I brought the car back home after that quote. I learned how to replace the intake manifold gasket, PCV valve, front air struts and window regulators. They aren't that hard to work on but labor is ridiculously expensive.
  10. boosted300's RB 240Z

    Wow what a great read and the attention to detail! A couple quick questions: 1. What size injectors are you running? 2. What tires are you running to hold all that power?
  11. The making of Zilla Z

    I'm getting really close to getting it tuned. Just need to wire up the fan, order driveshaft, install throttle cable and a few more items. I've also got a Z32 and a AMG CLS63 that needed some attention which slowed me down a bit. Hopefully I've be on the road with it by May. The Treadstone IC I bought didn't have the baffle as an option. Do you know what the benefit of having it is?
  12. Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    Looks like there are more folks interested in the Z32 bracket. If we can get 10 orders I'll run another order. The price is still the same $185 shipped and includes the adapters, bolts and washers. I'll up date this with the list of buyers: 1. Jcurtis 2. Tim.d 3. CBB
  13. The making of Zilla Z

    Well I think I'm averaging one post a year so here it is. First I'd like to thank those that pointed out the issues with the roll cage. When I took the car to the fabricator he mentioned the same thing and even said it was dangerous. So for those looking to follow in my footsteps don't install the cage like that. Now to the fun stuff. The car spent 3 months at the fabricator getting the following items taken care of: 1. Custom intercooler mount and piping 2. Radiator mounted along with piping 3. Full exhaust off the downpipes 4. Modified the 350z bellhousing to accept the Collins Adapter, custom shifter linkeage and Datsun Roadster starter 5. Modified diff mount 6. Mounted S2000 seats 7. Complete AC system!! I'll install the front airdam, driveshaft, pulleys before it heads off for tuning. It's looking like I'll be able to get it tuned in a couple months after my car fund recovers.
  14. The making of Zilla Z

    I ran into ZTR at Zdayz and we talked about his swap. One of the issues he was dealing with was the amount of heat the motor put off. Since the motor was still out I decided to get the manifolds, downpipes and exhaust housing heat coated and wrapped with a metallic shielding. It was way more difficult getting the motor in than I remembered but it finally went. One of the downpipes hits the steering column so I've got to figure that out. The next project is to modify the Z33 transmission which includes cutting the bellhousing and coming up with a solution for the shifter. The saga continues.
  15. I have the Retro Spec fenders and headlight buckets. I forgot to weigh them before installation.