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  1. The making of Zilla Z

    Well I think I'm averaging one post a year so here it is. First I'd like to thank those that pointed out the issues with the roll cage. When I took the car to the fabricator he mentioned the same thing and even said it was dangerous. So for those looking to follow in my footsteps don't install the cage like that. Now to the fun stuff. The car spent 3 months at the fabricator getting the following items taken care of: 1. Custom intercooler mount and piping 2. Radiator mounted along with piping 3. Full exhaust off the downpipes 4. Modified the 350z bellhousing to accept the Collins Adapter, custom shifter linkeage and Datsun Roadster starter 5. Modified diff mount 6. Mounted S2000 seats 7. Complete AC system!! I'll install the front airdam, driveshaft, pulleys before it heads off for tuning. It's looking like I'll be able to get it tuned in a couple months after my car fund recovers.
  2. The making of Zilla Z

    I ran into ZTR at Zdayz and we talked about his swap. One of the issues he was dealing with was the amount of heat the motor put off. Since the motor was still out I decided to get the manifolds, downpipes and exhaust housing heat coated and wrapped with a metallic shielding. It was way more difficult getting the motor in than I remembered but it finally went. One of the downpipes hits the steering column so I've got to figure that out. The next project is to modify the Z33 transmission which includes cutting the bellhousing and coming up with a solution for the shifter. The saga continues.
  3. I have the Retro Spec fenders and headlight buckets. I forgot to weigh them before installation.
  4. The making of Zilla Z

    I got the motor back from the machine shop last week. There was a lot more work than anticipated but I'm satisfied with the results.
  5. Payment sent. Thanks
  6. Do you have photos of the bracket mounted?
  7. I sent you a PM. Thanks
  8. Are you still making these?
  9. Yes the Retro Spec hood weighs 18 lbs and my 280Z hood weighs 38 lbs.
  10. The making of Zilla Z

    I'm not sure what you mean by the rear bars beside the shock towers. After we welded the cage in we removed the jacks and you could see that the chassis was much stiffer than before. By jacking up the rear passenger the entire side came up off the ground similar to my Z32. That never happened before. It also tells me it's a lot stiffer than before. Your opinion sounds more like speculation than fact but I'll take my experience instead. The hoop is tilted back. We could have tilted it more but it was based on my seating position. Since I'm 5'5" not much room was needed. The nail polish worked perfectly for me YMMV.
  11. retrospec dash?

    I've got a lot of their stuff and it fits great.
  12. Brackets for Z32 brakes on a S30

    Seems like there's more interest in making another batch of adapters. If you're interested in buying a set you can either post here or send me a pm. Thanks
  13. If JPN doesn't answer you can contact BC directly. Before I bought mine I called BC to ask about getting longer studs so I can mount my strut bar.
  14. The making of Zilla Z

    Thanks. No I haven't researched ECUMasters yet. A big part of my decision will be based on what the tuner is comfortable using.