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  1. single turbo z32 project

    no AC or PS, its a semi race car I suppose. It is registered though, and will be street driven on a regular basis. Speaking of which, finally got to drive it. Getting tuned today
  2. single turbo z32 project

    I then wet sanded the whole car, it was disgustingly dirty. Here is a before/after.
  3. single turbo z32 project

    Little cutting here and there
  4. single turbo z32 project

    Cool man. I thought about going turbo 5.3 but I think i'm going to stick with the vg, i feel the motor just hasnt been pushed very far. If it ever comes out a turbo 5.3 is what will be going in lol. Out with the old, in with the new.
  5. single turbo z32 project

    Yessir. Not really a daily driver persay but it is registered. We will see what happens after I take it to the track, i'm hoping to be well into the 9's so she might be getting a cage soon, but i doubt that will change me driving it on the street much lol.
  6. single turbo z32 project

    Wow been a long time since I updated here. I'm going to skip over all the boring stuff cause I have big updates And how she sits now: AND SHE RUNS!!! http://s63.photobucket.com/user/twinturboz161/media/20130929_185603_zps9f2d4a0b.mp4.html
  7. single turbo z32 project

    Thanks! http://rossmachineracing.com/ Thats where I got most of my aluminum stock (fuel rails/plenum)
  8. single turbo z32 project

    Well the car is almost done, changed alot since my last update. Ditched the twin walbro's and the water to air and decided to go air to air. Built the intercooler using a garrett core and made my own end tanks. Also got the downpipe done. i/c piping water outlet painted the engine bay since most of the fab work was done vacuum block last time on the stand: Motor dropped in: added the wastegates and dumptubes: oil fill cap got a new dd lol fit twin 044's in the tank... what a ***** that was lol car saw the outside light for the first time in a year mounted maxima coils And here is how she sits right now.
  9. single turbo z32 project

    Nah I've never ran the car in gainesville, I used to live in Orlando so I went to OSW alot.. now that im up north the closest track is in valdosta @ sgmp.
  10. single turbo z32 project

    Those headers look awsome! nice setup. Do you have the turbo braced at all? Are they 16g? The car started its life as a na 300zx, swapped in a tt motor in 2005 and the madness began
  11. single turbo z32 project

    havn't updated this thread in a while but heres what i've been working on... Got the fuel rails done, Intake manifold some what together and also cut the tops off the valve covers: Also picked up my aem My origional plan was to run twin walbro intank pumps, but the more I think about it i'm leaning towards going with a single external. I have looked at aeromotive eliminators but have read that even witht he voltage controller they still run hot on street cars. I've seen a couple people run a magnafuel pump and i'm really leaning towards going that route. Anyone have any experience with these pumps? http://www.magnafuel.com/products/efi/pumps/MP-4301.htm
  12. I have a q45 tb I plan on integrating into my cold pipe for a project I am working on, however I have heard of people taking them apart and not being able to get them to reseal properly once back together, anyone have any experience taking one apart and any issues with it resealing? If it leaks after i take it apart and weld it, i cant exactly just get another so I need some feedback. Nick
  13. Looking at TIG welders...

    I have had my thermal arc 185 for a couple months now and I love it. I tried using a diversion and it is a nice machine, but i don't like the "kid toy" type adjustment and the non removable torch so going watercooled later isn't a option.
  14. single turbo z32 project

    no updates =[ I have been slacking guys, been busy with christmas stuff/family/gf and will be tied up till xmas, but I did get a sweet early xmas present that I can't wait to put to use.... My plan is after christmas I should have a solid 2 weeks of nothing to do but work on this so I hope to get it very close to finished.