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  1. How many miles on the tokico struts? I am very interested in them. Also the fuse box cover.
  2. 75280z

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    It was many years ago that there was a run of stickers. They were/are fantastic. I don't know if someone is still making them (I have probably had mine almost 10 years)
  3. 75280z

    Looking for a tow vehicle

    I haven't used it for towing yet. I picked up a Buick Roadmaster Wagon. They had versions with a 5k towing capacity and are great for daily driving (though fuel mileage isn't great)
  4. 75280z

    HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Will donate in the next few days. I sport my HBZ sticker on my car, and love this site. The Bible for Z car owners. Thanks for all you do.
  5. 75280z

    SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

    I know it isn't in the pictures, does it come with a manifold?
  6. 75280z

    triple webers 40 dcoe

    Text just sent from a 620 area code #
  7. Sorry to resurrect an older thread. Did anyone go with the Swift spring upgrade and if so what was their experience?
  8. 75280z


    Great car with a ton of unique touches. I am over in Aurora. There are quite a few Z guys/gals around. What did you end up doing with the old truck steering wheel?
  9. Derek, congratulations on firing it up. From concept to reality you made it happen. Thanks for doing this and i look forward to seeing more videos and a dyno run in the future.
  10. 75280z

    Aaron 75280z 1975 280zt

    Another year has gone by and all that I have done is change the front brake discs and pads. I took it out to High Plains Raceway and shaved about 2 seconds off my fastest time out there so far from 2:29 to 2:27. I got that while hitting a lower top speed by a few MPH. I really have gotten more comfortable with the car and it is definitely nice to learn the limits of the car. I pushed myself much harder than I ever have in the past, and I took some video, but really it is pretty boring to watch. I am sure I will do a bit of editing, but the app I was using no longer allows me to export the data for free it only lets me do 2 minutes which is no good.
  11. 75280z

    Aaron 75280z 1975 280zt

    The reason I haven't been working on the Z is because life and work have been getting in the way. Oh and I have been gathering karts for me and the kids, as well as doing a lot more projects around the house. Also I have been doing a bit more of this. I have a video of the first day I took the kart out. I have since taken it out for quite a bit of fun, clocked it at over 40MPH. This karting thing can be very fun.
  12. 75280z

    Aaron 75280z 1975 280zt

    Here is part two. I have been trying to add more comments on the video but don't always do the best job. The light output is crazy awesome on these lights! Headlight install Day 2
  13. You know since you started this thread in September you have averaged 126 views a day? To be fair I might have been like 20 of those on a couple of the days. I usually just check the page smile, get super impressed, then leave but today I wanted to post again just to give you encouragement and kudos this is a fantastic project and even just reading it I am learning a ton. I have been thinking about a repaint for mine in the future (I painted mine in 2003ish memory is a bit fuzzy). Good luck and I continue to look forward to your updates.
  14. 75280z

    Competition hood scoop, and L28et Flywheel

    Necro Bump! I updated my original post to reflect the price change. New prices: Scoop $200+ Shipping flywheel $40+ Shipping.
  15. 75280z

    Aaron 75280z 1975 280zt

    Started installing my Dapper Lighting V2 Projector HIDs today. I am excited to get them the rest of the way in, but I am going to do a bit more studying on how I want to run my wiring.