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  1. Hood release cable available?
  2. Is the hood release cable available? If so, how much?
  3. Moltar

    WTB: Hood Release Cable

    Looking to pick up a hood release cable for an early 240z. Not sure if the other S30 cars will interchange, but I'll take it if they do.
  4. Looking for a 280zx or 280zxt thermostat housing complete with sensors. Shipped to San Jose (95125).
  5. Moltar

    WTT: pile of parts for a starter

    $30 at Autozone plus $10 core. Typical lead time for one of these units is 1 day.
  6. Nice looking Z! How much you pick it up for?
  7. Moltar

    240Z vs FR-S

    Automobile magazine does a comparison between the new Scion FR-S and a restored 240Z. http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=15368 Very good read, especially if you have been considering purchasing an FR-S to compliment your Z (like I have been).
  8. Moltar

    WTB: 4 Barrel Intake

    PM sent.
  9. What's your email address? I can scan you how I've solved it.
  10. Moltar

    WTB: 4 Barrel Intake

    Looking to buy a 4 barrel intake. Would prefer not to spend more than $200 shipped, but that can be negotiable.
  11. This is correct. 1985 was the last year of the straight front axle in their 4x4 pickup. 1986 was IFS, and as a result different calipers. The 86+ calipers were larger than the '79-'85.
  12. Moltar

    A set of 280zx Iron Cross wheels + tires

    Also, can I get shots of the tread on the tires?
  13. 280Z would be a much easier car to swap a V8 in. The manual transmission cars came with R200s, they were fuel injected, and most of the extra weight is in the bumpers. Getting a car factory equipped with an R200 will save you from gathering the parts necessary to swap one in your 240z, and as stated the existing EFI system saves you from getting a fuel injected gas tank and running larger lines.
  14. Moltar

    Ron Tyler Diff Mount

    I'd be interested - both in assembled form, and a assemble your own. Prices for both variations?
  15. Moltar

    eBay: APU Powered 280

    This is what happens when an engineer has too much free time. Well, I have this yet engine laying around, and I sold the turbo motor from my Z. Wonder what I should do next...