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  1. RB Rear sump oil pan and Toyota Brakes misc. parts

    Brakes still for sale.
  2. RB Rear sump oil pan and Toyota Brakes misc. parts

    Oil pan sold. Brakes pending payment.
  3. Hey guys, I have a few items left since I scrapped my RB Z project. All prices are OBO. I bought the 200ZXR oil pan off a member here a while back. I think I paid $500 a while ago. Since I am no longer swapping an RB into a Z I have no use for it. I'd like $400 + shipping/paypal fees for it. Pics when I get off work. Next are the wide Toyota 4 pot brakes. Made to fit vented rotors. Never installed on my Z but look to be in working condition. $100+ shipping/paypal fees. I also have a completely disassembled RB26DETT. I have two harnesses for injectors to the ECU, one is cut, completely disassembled head, rods pistons, crank, crank collar, oil and water pumps, new head gasket from Nissan, inlet, ITBs, you name it I probably have it. Let me know if you are looking For anything. I DO NOT CHECK THIS FORUM VERY MUCH SINCE SELLING MY Z. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT RICKY(dot)RICER(at)SKYLINEOWNERSUSA(dot)COM
  4. Air Filter for rb25det

    Go with the apexi. Flows the best and has the best filtration. Don't ever use HKS.
  5. RB26 Rod bolt removal

    Thanks for the quick reply J. Looks like I'll have a heap of parts for the machine shop!
  6. RB26 Rod bolt removal

    I'm wondering if anyone has installed ARP rod bolts on their own and how? I can't get the stock ones out and don't want to make it so I never will.

    What year is your Z? Mine are all red and it's a 71.
  8. WTB: Fender Mirrors

    Prefer the black ones but if I need to I'll buy chrome.
  9. WTB: Fender Mirrors

    I was going to just bump my old thread but it must have been lost when the forum changed. I'm looking for the JDM bullet fender mirrors. I was talking to someone about buying a set but they stopped replying and now I can't find the PMs either.
  10. Stock RB26 pistons, rings are still attached. These pistons are in good condition with some typical wear on the skirts. Fresh out of the parts washer. Pins included as well. I would recommend getting new snap rings and piston rings. The white stuff is just dried water from the parts tank. $50 + Shipping/paypal fees Next is a stock RB oil pump taken off the same engine. I'm unsure of the condition but doubt it is bad. I will get pictures of it with the gear cover off tonight. $50 shipped OBO. Stock RB26 Water pump. No pulley attached. Spins freely. $50 Shipped OBO Also selling the stock injectors! Looking for $200 shipped for these. Stock turbos are for sale for $200 plus shipping. The front turbo has a bent wastegate. Happened during shipping. These turbos have a small amount of shaft play but were not leaking at all from the seals. Here are more pictures: The link is to my photobucket album. I took a lot of pics. RB26 Parts for sale pictures by tallicaguitar88 - Photobucket
  11. Ricky Ricer's RB Build

    I somewhat already posted this in the member's projects forum but figured I'd post it here. It's come a long way since I've updated that thread and figure the pictures do it justice. Christmas in April: Nothing fancy: Engine ornament: Gasket kit: Tween tahbo: Running out of room! Almost time to pull the old L24 (yes those are all parts for the Z): It's turning into almost a year long project but I want it done right the first time. I've been spending a lot of time on here researching, making sure I buy the right stuff the first time for my goals.
  12. tokyoseven.com

    That's horrible. First time I went to Japan it was at 120JPY/1USD. Oh well, good thing thats when my GF and I are going!
  13. Yes you can. Rattle-can

    Looks good!
  14. tokyoseven.com

    Well, after going back and forth I was going to go with them but their prices went up at least $100. Must be our great American dollar.
  15. The Virtue Z

    My wastegate was bent when I got my engine, but I think it was partially my fault because the engine tipped over while I was transporting it home. Those lines shouldn't be hard to find. Try GTRCanada.