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  1. Supra 440cc injector CLIPS

    DIY Autotune sells both EV-1 and EV-6 clips, they would know what fits.
  2. 280ZX at Bathurst

    I'm curious too, I see at the beginning of the video it has a Chevy LS engine, but OMG that car has some balls.
  3. L28ET crank position sensor

    Did you install the 1k resistor in the MS then? 1.3V is too low to reliably trigger.
  4. L28ET crank position sensor

    It must be the factory ECCS that is supplying the CAS output with a 5V pullup, because the sensor does not care.
  5. L28ET crank position sensor

    Well, if the MS 3.0 expects a 5V signal, and we give it 12V, that might present a problem. But I have reviewed all the input circuits, in the context of wiring the ZXT distributor, and I've not seen any 5V specific inputs. The ZXT optical sensor does not output 5V unless you pull the CAS line to 5V instead of 12V (which would work), but from my research I'm fairly sure the ZXT dizzy does not generate or receive 5V in the factory implementation.
  6. L28ET crank position sensor

    The reason for the 1k resistor is to pull up the CAS signal to 12V, it's an open collector optical sensor. The schematic showing this is here: https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/install/nissan-datsun/megasquirt-your-280zx-turbo/
  7. Drag racing suspension

    Interesting, sounds like he's got a lot of direct experience, but I don't understand it at all. And he may be right about the slip producing the best acceleration. However he also said if you have no slip you have no acceleration, which is clearly wrong. All you need is a frictional force to apply torque, slip is not required to apply that force. Again, he is likely right since we are discussing tire grip and not all of that is purely frictional.
  8. L28ET crank position sensor

    There is a wiring diagram for the distributor somewhere on DIY. The resistor needs to be tied between the red wire and the green wire, that allows the signal to rise to 12V. 1.3V is too low to reliably trigger the ECU. You can probably use either value, they only need to be rated for 1/4 watt.
  9. L28ET crank position sensor

    An ohm meter is the wrong instrument to test this thing. Best way is to hook up power to it, then manually turn the distributor to check the voltage goes high and low when the slots open inside the optical sensor. +12V is applied to red, ground to black, measure voltage on the white and green wires. I forget whether green or white is the ignition position and which is the fine slots, but the ignition position needs a resistor connected from the red to the white or green to measure the voltage properly.
  10. I replaced my heater valve (ripped AC out years ago) with a manual Ford unit because the original was clogged. Maybe your heater valve is the same way.
  11. Tomei Poncams

    Presumably that cam was just defective, the new one should be just fine.
  12. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    If you need to maintain 43.5psi pressure on 10psi boost, you have to be able to flow fuel at 53.5psi.

    Hmmm, Chevy vs. Ford. Sounds like fodder for an internet war... :0
  14. 86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

    Welcome back, nice to hear you are still around. Very sorry to hear about your son. I've moved south to Centennial this summer, and am working on the garage so I can finally debug and program my Megasquirt and get my 280Z to High Plains at long last.