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  1. FPR and Fuel Pressure Help

    If you need to maintain 43.5psi pressure on 10psi boost, you have to be able to flow fuel at 53.5psi.

    Hmmm, Chevy vs. Ford. Sounds like fodder for an internet war... :0
  3. 86 RX7 with Turbo LM7 and Megasquirt

    Welcome back, nice to hear you are still around. Very sorry to hear about your son. I've moved south to Centennial this summer, and am working on the garage so I can finally debug and program my Megasquirt and get my 280Z to High Plains at long last.
  4. 240Z's at Streets of Willow

    Nice. S30s rule.
  5. 240z vs 280z

    If you are sure there are no suspension issues, I wouldn't assume the issue is one of 240Z vs. 280Z, but possibly due to rusted structural parts of the 240Z. Sounds like it could be an issue, so be sure to find it before changing chassis'.
  6. Drag racing suspension

    I'm thinking I got my best 60' times by not spinning, but I ran an open R200 when I was drag racing. My best was 1.7 seconds.
  7. My recent barn find/ new member intro

    Nice Supertrapp, heheh. Great find, have fun!
  8. Starting RB Swap

    Nice work, looking good!
  9. L31 street performer build

    Doesn't offset grinding also increase the stroke?
  10. HY35

    There is a reason the L28ET distributor has a larger diameter cap, which is to allow a wider range of spark advance. I don't think you can reliably get that with a locked N/A distributor. In regard to the SVO injectors, they flow 370cc/min, which does support about 300hp. I dynoed an altitude-adjusted 313hp to the wheels with those injectors, but for reliability I think you should use a higher flow unit for 300-350hp.
  11. 2nd time is a charm. '75 280z. ABQ NM

    Welcome. Post some pictures when you can. I would think you can get some fairly solid cars in that area.
  12. Yes, that sounds about right.
  13. There is a spot on the engine for the oil pressure sender, use it. Fuel pressure is best measured on the rail that supplies the injectors.
  14. Tubing is designed to support load, "pipe" is not.