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  1. Interesting on the old photos of the full race cage how the main hoop anchors to the front edge of the rear fender well instead of to the floor just in front. Is it as strong or effective? If so, that is ideal for accommodating factory seatbelts for a street legal car, as well as potentially more room for taller drivers.
  2. Nice wheels, but how are you going to get power to the ground? /lol
  3. SleeperZ

    This was pretty funny

    Mhhmmmmmm, the one with the gold plated intake, yeah!
  4. SleeperZ

    Use of a torque plate?

    600hp? Absolutely use a torque plate.
  5. SleeperZ

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Well, I run my L28 at only 300whp, so yours is beastly by comparison
  6. SleeperZ

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Welcome back, that setup looks beastly, very well done.
  7. SleeperZ

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

  8. SleeperZ

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    74 is 260Z, pretty sure all those were R180 not R200. Check this site: http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/GearRatios.html
  9. SleeperZ

    Turbo race car, high or low compression ratio?

    Stock L28ET makes those numbers easily. So do many other engine options including any turbo L28. Generally speaking, compression ratio is not a major consideration when considering that minor amount of power from a turbo engine.
  10. SleeperZ

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    Supposedly the 3.36 R200 only came in 79 280ZX 2+2 with a 4 speed manual. Very rare. Nobody bought 4 speeds with 5 speeds available.
  11. SleeperZ

    New here with a question.

    I've given away and sold lots of parts over the years on the local Craigslist.
  12. SleeperZ

    72 Kgc10 GTX build tread

    What an awesome project. Looking really good so far.
  13. SleeperZ

    280SR-Z from Germany

    Looks like it's in very nice condition.
  14. SleeperZ

    S13 Throttle Body TPS issue

    If you are measuring the resistance of the middle pin and the resistance increases with an opening throttle, the open pin is positive, and the other meter probe is on ground.
  15. SleeperZ

    Wide body build thread! Fiberglass Mafia kit MOLDED

    Despite the reported trouble blending the front of the flare to the air dam, I think it looks amazing. Very nice work there.