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  1. Yes, there is nothing like the sound of an N/A L28, I just love it. But I went turbo because it was bolt in and no internal work needed. Still sounds nice, and the torque of the turbo helps me get over my lack of cash and engine building skills.
  2. SleeperZ

    Wanted: 240z Rear Suspension Turrets

    I've seen some UK restoration videos, you'd be surprised at how rusty some of those cars get. I bet it would be worth it to source some in the US, that area does not commonly get rust (maybe in the mid-west.)
  3. SleeperZ

    280z Ford 4.6L Mod Motor

    That's a really impressive fit.
  4. SleeperZ

    SCCA ITS built L engines?

    Never heard anyone call any version of the stock L28 a "turd". They are all very good engines, including the L24 and L26, heck even the LD28.
  5. SleeperZ

    I got a batch of lighter pistons

    From pictures, it looks like the crank is fully counterweighted, so make sure your pistons, rods and hardware all weigh the same and you should be good. It might be a good idea to check the balance of the crank by itself if you intend to spin it fast.
  6. SleeperZ

    LQ4 Stoker T56 Magnum Drag Build

    Wow, 6.7L, that must be quite a handful. Looks good!
  7. SleeperZ

    Should I buy a 79 280zx

    Sounds like a good deal if that's all it needs. The car is likely to be quite rusty, so whether you should buy it depends on what you want to do with it.
  8. SleeperZ

    V10 240Z build on YouTube

    Ugh, I was secretly hoping he'd lose interest in the project before he took it to his point. I don't think I can watch anymore.
  9. OMG Derek, I know I'm not alone in vicariously living my car fantasies through you. That is amazing.
  10. SleeperZ

    RyanT67's 240Z

    That looks amazing, very clean. I couldn't see a radiation fan in your pictures, do you have a pusher?
  11. Interesting on the old photos of the full race cage how the main hoop anchors to the front edge of the rear fender well instead of to the floor just in front. Is it as strong or effective? If so, that is ideal for accommodating factory seatbelts for a street legal car, as well as potentially more room for taller drivers.
  12. Nice wheels, but how are you going to get power to the ground? /lol
  13. SleeperZ

    This was pretty funny

    Mhhmmmmmm, the one with the gold plated intake, yeah!
  14. SleeperZ

    Use of a torque plate?

    600hp? Absolutely use a torque plate.
  15. SleeperZ

    Back on the road after 6 years

    Well, I run my L28 at only 300whp, so yours is beastly by comparison