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  1. L31 street performer build

    Doesn't offset grinding also increase the stroke?
  2. HY35

    There is a reason the L28ET distributor has a larger diameter cap, which is to allow a wider range of spark advance. I don't think you can reliably get that with a locked N/A distributor. In regard to the SVO injectors, they flow 370cc/min, which does support about 300hp. I dynoed an altitude-adjusted 313hp to the wheels with those injectors, but for reliability I think you should use a higher flow unit for 300-350hp.
  3. 2nd time is a charm. '75 280z. ABQ NM

    Welcome. Post some pictures when you can. I would think you can get some fairly solid cars in that area.
  4. Yes, that sounds about right.
  5. There is a spot on the engine for the oil pressure sender, use it. Fuel pressure is best measured on the rail that supplies the injectors.
  6. Tubing is designed to support load, "pipe" is not.
  7. weber throttle body?

    I love mine, looks like stock without any coolant or vacuum line foolishness.
  8. CV kit for STI R180

    Yeah, a horsepower rating sounds impressive, but to accurately specify a CV axle, you'd want to state how much torque it can transfer.
  9. How tough is a Q45 R200V

    If you aren't drag racing or drifting, you should be good with the suggestions already mentioned as you will never stick that much power down. Technotoy has a really good solution for stub axle and bearing, and just about any CV and R200 solution will serve you well. But there is nothing cheap about 500+ hp/torque, so don't think a "budget" solution is going to be reliable at that power level.
  10. I am looking for an L28ET for 600

    Why not turbocharge your L28E? All the same parts bolt to it, and for modest boost levels the slightly higher compression does not make a difference.
  11. The hubs and rotors have different offsets between 240s and 280s. You can swap them as a unit, but for factory setup, you must mate 240 hubs with 240 rotors, and the same with 280s.
  12. Custom ITB Idea, EFI quandary.

    6 60mm throttle bodies feeding a P79 head is a little like putting a 4" exhaust tip on a stock Honda. Your restriction is the head, and 3 60mm throttle bodies would be overkill.
  13. Datsun 240z 2JZGTE swap help

    You need to figure out how much power you want to make before you can get good answers to your questions. It might be a good idea to fit the stock engine and components in first. The rear diff is really strong, you will not have issues with that unless you want to run faster than 12 second quarter miles. Given that, you might have heard what 400rwhp Supras have in common with 800rwhp Supras? Answer: 12 second quarter miles.
  14. Project 240Z Turbo ITB Install

    That is so cool.
  15. Too loud for track noise requirement

    Really? 102dB is really loud, it's not a huge power hit to drop that below that fairly generous 96dB limit.