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  1. Bigger Air Filter = Better?

    Nothing will happen if it's too big. You will simply have less restriction.
  2. Failed Emissions

    My Federal 1978 280Z did not come with a catalytic converter. Judging by the limits you posted, it looks like your state uses the Federal emissions standard, and that should be able to pass without a converter. It looks like your test station has incorrect information - yes the California 280Zs came with converters, I think they were added along with fuel injection to meet higher CA standards.
  3. I agree, it doesn't look right. Either the bracket positions the caliper too far from the rotor, or the rotor is too small. In all the designs I've worked with, the entire pad contacts the rotor. It looks like this arrangement could overheat the pads.
  4. My attraction to the Z is more instinctual; I've loved the way it looks since I saw a brand-new one in 1973. I work as an engineer and I have that sort of mind where I appreciate how well the Z does was it was designed to do, and how everyone has a take on how to make it do better, while still keeping it's amazingly simple good looks.
  5. boosted300's RB 240Z

    Wow, very impressive, and a beautiful build. I love that blue.
  6. Progress on my insane VQ35HR 240Z project

  7. Priming fuel pump

    Hmm, didn't know that. I thought my 1978 280Z did that, but it's been a long time since I ran the factory computer.
  8. Help NO START

    All you should need is a couple of gallons in the tank to ensure the fuel level is high enough to flow to the pump. Stock pump location is very close to tank bottom, but if it was totally dry you may have to siphon fuel to the pump inlet. A vacuum pump and a small T fitting at the pump inlet should be able to get that done.
  9. Priming fuel pump

    Purge the lines of what? The EFI is self priming, you just cycle the ignition a few times. The pump will run for a few seconds after turning the key on, turn it off and do it again until you can hear the lines pressure up and you are good to go.
  10. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Thanks for doing these videos, I really enjoy all of them, especially the Porsche 911. I have a little bit of regret with that marque, I had a friend give me an old 911 he ran on the track, it was in bad shape, but instead of repairing the engine and body, I parted it out and used the funds on my 280Z. I probably could not have afforded it, Zs are so much cheaper, but I feel like I missed a chance to drive one of those machines.
  11. Transmission options for 300hp

    My T5 is still good after many 13 and 12 second passes, and I know others with the same or faster result. That is 300+ hp and 400+ ft/lb of torque.
  12. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Wow, that's quite a difference.
  13. Never heard of a chrome powder coat, but it sure makes a nice look.
  14. How to remove a head with ARP studs

    Hahaha! That looks easy!
  15. My '78 with mostly stock components, L28ET and BW T-5 transmission, full interior, full 3" exhaust and no bumpers or spare tire was 2600 lbs.