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  1. My new 280ZX

    Im gonna drive it once I got little querks figured out
  2. Got this dizzy from a buddy, there is a plastic piece on the end of the dizzy shaft that has a broken bit, just wondering if this plastic piece can come off and be replaced with another one.
  3. My new 280ZX

  4. My new 280ZX

    Paid 1000 for this car. for being an albertan car it is in good shape.. there isnt awhole lot of rust. its got 167XXX km and runs and drives good. No major plans right now just to fix it up and drive it, heres pictures.
  5. my 1986 300zx na2t

    alright so i signed up onto this site while ago doing more research on the loved 300zx, great site and have found tons of stuff. i decided that im going to post my car on here and share it with everyone, its not perfect but its a project. video of the car running before i moved the boost guage and put a new cross over pipe on from header to header to fix the exhaust leak. now i can actually hear my turbo haha engine only has roughly 20,000 KM on it since rebuild. i have a couple things that i need to work on to get it running prime: get a power steering pump lol, really hard to turn with out one adjust timing, it has a misfire, and seeing as im using this car to learn on im not really sure how to fix it fix clunking in rear end when accelerating and shifting get rid of the disease known as rust,err what i would like to do: 87 front end conversion intercooler, boost controler, turbo timer, injectors, fuel pump, nitune. more boost the better right? i dont no what else i would need for 10-15 psi here are some pics, the car isnt perfect, but it should be a fun project, alot to learn so i got my parts car, most of the car is in good shape. the engine runs tranny shifts ok, the brakes are horrible tho.its to bad it has a bent frame(well according to the mechanic who inspected it)would be a good car to turbo otherwise. its pretty good tho considering i didnt pay cash for it, just traded a bunch of old speakers i had laying around haha, here are pics: