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  1. L26 touring/street build

    Thank you.
  2. L26 touring/street build

    Is there different cam I should be looking at with this build in mind?
  3. L26 touring/street build

    Ok so..... I drive my early 260Z on a lot of road trips and its about to hit 100k (160-168 PSI pre cylinder). The factory motor still has an ok shape C Cam, I run rebuilt early SU's with a Mallory mechanical advance distributor and coil. So I wanna keep the factory block in the car as i'm keeping the car "stock looking" also. So what i'm thinking of doing in slapping on a E31 head to bump the compression and a schneider 274F cam maybe add bigger valves?. (I have 2 E31 one heads on the parts rack.) So what do you think about this for just a road car? I'm not looking for any thing crazy just touring/street motor with more compression. Not looking to do any L28 or stroker work. Thanks
  4. wanted 15inch 4 lug wheels

    Matters photos would help
  5. wanted 15inch 4 lug wheels

    yes 15x10 interesting
  6. wanted 15inch 4 lug wheels

    I'm on the hunt again for 70's vintage 15 in wheels ! Thanks you!
  7. WTB early 260Z parts

    Thanks for the heads up
  8. Hello friends? So my rear springs seem to be shot,Time to replace / Upgrade. So What should I use , I still want a nice stock height , I Would like to avoid an inch drop. So can I still get springs some AZC or should I just get the 280Z Ebach's? 2nd Any issues running a solid mount i'm worried the load transfer will break something else . http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic22d04/10-2296 Or should I just buy the RT http://www.technoversions.com/DiffMountHome.html Thanks!
  9. WTB early 260Z parts

    sounds great!
  10. WTB early 260Z parts

    PM sent
  11. WTB early 260Z parts

    Hey Thanks for trying and reaching out!
  12. WTB early 260Z parts

    Dang I would say that is more brown than tan ;(
  13. WTB early 260Z parts

    Just looking for any good used or NOS early 260Z parts Mostly Bumpers ,the black rubber around them , stock center console and the light orange / tan butterscotch door panels, not the brown cinnamon ones Thanks!
  14. So hello and thanks! My early 260Z Has some problems i'll give you the specs.. *Stock motor early 4 screw SU's rebuilt by ZTherapy . *Mallory Unilite Distributor mechanical advance and some old Mallory coil that gets pretty warm when running. *I added light and turn signal relay kit some time ago. Everything else is stock. My problem is the coil is only getting like 9 to 11 volts max sometimes and makes me think i'm no getting good spark. Also sometimes car will crank fine, but won't spark unless unless I add a Jump box. What should I do? Is there a newer better ignition system I should be using that will help clean up and help car run better? Is there a shop or any one chicago who can help really dig into these car and iron out my issues?