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  1. Donation not showing up.

    Just before the site migration, I donated (since my previous donation had expired) but continued to get daily PMs about my member group changing. The PMs have thankfully stopped since the migration, but my member status doesn't reflect my recent donation. Am I going to have to donate again or can this be fixed?
  2. WTB L28 Oil Pan

    I have one kicking around if no one local to you has one for sale.
  3. L31 street performer build

    Offset grind or completely different crank doesn't matter. If you increase the stroke, you will have to decrease the rod length to maintain the same piston deck clearance. If you started with zero deck clearance and increased both the stroke and the rod length, your piston is going to come proud of the deck and slam into the head. Unless, you change your pistons for ones with a shorter pin height or you alter the dimensions of the block.
  4. WTB: Stock Turbo Wastegate Housing

    I should still have an entire turbo at the house somewhere, including the wastegate. The turbo would need to be rebuilt if you wanted to use it. I'll send you a PM later once I check.
  5. New 280z Center Console reviews?

    Figured I'd post an update. Thanks to your feedback I finally ordered one, (from Amazon as it was the cheapest when I ordered) and it appears to be an actual factory Nissan part, complete with a Nissan Group Genuine Parts sticker and other markings in Japanese on the box. I couldn't be more pleased with it.
  6. Would you sell just the standoffs and hardware? I bought a bracket from ZCCJDM a while back, but didn't come with any of the hardware and I'd rather get it as a kit than source it myself.
  7. USB Chargers in your S30?

    I hardwired a 5v buck converter to a USB port designed for my daily driver. It charged my stuff REALLY slow at first but I realized I had to short the Data pins together to get my devices to charge at a high rate. If the two data connections aren't shorted together, your phone/tablet/etc thinks it is connected to a computer USB port and limits it's charging to 500mA. Not the cheapest route, but here is the exact converter I used. https://www.adafruit.com/product/1385 You could use something like this to flushmount the port itself. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WWNZ18N?psc=1
  8. 2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

    Too bad the Factory Five 818 is setup to accept parts from an 07 WRX but not 08+
  9. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    My donation expired about a week ago, and I went ahead and donated again. However, in the meantime I have received 7 private messages telling me that my group promotion has expired. I basically get one every day. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. I wonder how difficult it would be for someone to report your ads to eBay "as Nissan." Spoofing e-mails isn't difficult and if your competitors can easily get your ads removed, it means more money for them.
  11. Power and Speed Podcast

    I don't know if anyone else here listens to podcasts, but I have recently come across a really good one for those of us who are interested in the details of automotive engineering. https://www.facebook.com/powerandspeedpodcast/ They have recently had guests on such as Greg Banish of Calibrated success, Ben Strader of EFI University, Paul Yaw and Tony Palo of Injector Dynamics and a bunch more. I'm slowly working my way through back episodes because the content is so good.
  12. So, I have spent a lot of time reading about deadtime and trying to figure out what to set mine to (DSM 450cc low imp injectors with resistors.) I first tried measuring deadtime using a graduated cylinder and test mode in tunerstudio. I got very accurate results, but couldn't come up with a good way to test at various voltages because to use the megasquirt drivers, I couldn't have the engine running. So I was able to come up with a number, but it was only for 11.9 volts, which doesn't help a lot for a running engine. After some more reading, I came across something so simple that I felt like an idiot for not thinking of it. Ensure you are setup for batch injection and then cycle between 1 and 2 squirts per cycle. If your deadtime is accurate, your AFRs shouldn't change. If your deadtime is too long, when you go to 2 squirts per cycle you are going to be injecting more fuel than the computer thinks and you will go rich. If your deadtime is too short, in 2 squirts per cycle you will go lean. Now I have a pretty good number for both ~11.9 volts and ~13.9 volts and between the two I can set up a slope.
  13. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    I'm sorry if my post offended you or upset you by my lack of faith in your ability. However, the reality is this, the size of the project is immense. You are asking how much fabrication is necessary, almost as though you are hoping it is primarily a bolt-on affair. Almost without exception, when someone asks the question "how much fabrication is necessary?" the answer is "more than you think." Anyone who has done any real fabrication on their car, probably look at this idea and immediately have a few thoughts. 1. Holy shit, that is going to be A LOT of work/time/money. 2. I hope the original poster is truly capable of this if he starts 3. And if he isn't capable, then I hope the original poster can recognize it and avoid costing himself a lot of time/money in route to ruining a potentially good S30 chassis. Look at what TUME post and think really hard about it and realize that is just the rear. You are likely going to have to completely chop up the front as well. I mentioned the power steering question because it isn't a question that someone with the requisite knowledge/experience/abilities for a project of this size would ever need to ask. It's like someone setting up a chess match with a chess master for a couple thousand dollars and then asking the rules for how a pawn moves and attacks. Could they beat the chess master? Sure, anything could happen. The most likely outcome though is disappointment. I hope someone changes your mind, but good luck if you continue on.
  14. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    The fact that you are asking how to make power steering work is a giant red flag to me and I'm guessing that this project is way beyond what you should attempt. But good luck and take lots of pics.
  15. Honda S2000 suspension

    I would be very surprised if anyone ever has because S2000s have held their value very well. So, I'd imagine that acquiring a complete subframe wouldn't exactly be cheap.