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  1. Looking for l28et

    I'm selling a complete 280zx turbo with the t5 for $1900 in CA. Will help ship if you pay for shipping.
  2. WTB : GNOSE headlight covers with housing

    Message sent.
  3. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Just donated. Let's keep this site alive. There's TONS of information on here that is extremely valuable.
  4. It usually stands for 'Sold Pending Funds'
  5. Mega Squirt high quality custom harnesses

    I don't think FricFrac is making harnesses anymore. Not trying to threadjack but softtopz is making some now and you can find his thread in the group buy section.
  6. UK & Europe - 240/260/280z

    Give MZR Roadsports a call. http://www.mzr-datsun240z.co.uk/en/
  7. Wanted V clean wide fendered z for export the UK

    Have you called MZR Roadsports? They're based in UK. http://www.mzr-datsun240z.co.uk/en/
  8. I'm a huge fan of Hoke Performance. I don't have his LSx mounting kit, but if I were to do this swap, I would buy his kit. Hoke Performance has always been very professional in doing business, and I've only heard great things about his products. No doubt this would extend into his LSx kit.
  9. L28 turbo block

    Hello sending you a PM
  10. Wtb rust free S30 shell

    Sending you a message.
  11. RHD dash replacement

    have you try this guy? http://www.mzr-roadsports.com/en/
  12. 280zx turbo exhaust manifold

    I have one for sale. PM sent
  13. 15" panasport wheels Sold!!!!!

    Message sent.
  14. FS: Nuova Raid Dino Steering Wheel

    To help answer the question above without starting a discussion in this thread, those look like these mirrors: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02e04/50-1152
  15. Looking for just the 2 knob rally clock unit only. Oscillator is not need but a bonus if you have it.