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  1. FricFrac

    280zx transmission swap

    If you are running an NA or a mild turbo the 240SX swap is more than ample. No need to swap to a Z32 tranny unless you are putting down some serious HP
  2. FricFrac

    81 s130 project

    Welcome to the club Grab the FSM - if you read it and follow it step by step it will help you resolve or repair any system on your 280ZX http://www.xenonzcar.com/s130/fsm.php Keep us posted - it's a great motivator
  3. FricFrac

    Mega Squirt high quality custom harnesses

    The problem with the Z31/S130 turbo stock harness is the ECU plugs are not available. I tried to find pins to replace the original stock ones and reuse the body of the connector but have yet to find any. For the money you would probably be better off to sell the JWT setup and upgrade to a modern stand alone. If you were running a Z32/R32 or newer ECU I would consider upgrading to NisTune
  4. FricFrac

    Body Kit parts

    You could just ask Bruce...
  5. FricFrac

    Coilover Options

    Read up on the S13 swap. You just need the S13 coilovers and the rest of the parts already have in your car. Fabrication is required but if you are doing a v8 swap then that should not be an issue
  6. FricFrac

    Turbo 5spd ( Borg Warner T5 ) parts

    Thought about an S13 tranny swap?
  7. You will likely need to re colour any of the red panels you find unless you can find some new in the package (same isle as the used Unicorns). SEM Color Guard is the best one I've used. Firethorn Red is the closest to stock. You might want to mute it down - the red interior is pretty uh red. Black carpets helps ALOT
  8. FricFrac

    '82 ZXT Epic Smog FAIL! (1042 HC!)

    Figure out the rough idle - that's likely the root of your problem. Did you go through the FSM? Have you metered out the AFM and CHTS through the harness at the ECU? Rebuilt the AFM?
  9. FricFrac

    Thinking of an epic engine swap

    Wrong car...
  10. FricFrac

    Thinking of an epic engine swap

    As long as you can fabricate that's a great idea. One of the most over looked bang for the buck engines out there.
  11. Yeah that is critical to the structure of the car.... you have your work cut out for you. Personally I'd look for another shell - lots of solid cars in your area.
  12. FricFrac

    2+2 analog dash to 83 coupe

    The gauge doesn't care about the two extra seats The 120MPH gauge set is from a 1979 280ZX before the 85MPH law came into effect in September 1980 so it is possible some 1980 model years also has the 120MPH gauges in the USA. Alternately the rest of the world wasn't subject to this silly law so all Canadian speedos have the full range. You just need the analog pigtail located behind the dash to do the swap. The pigtail plugs into the main body harness in the passenger footwell.
  13. FricFrac

    82 Turbo cutting out, Im stuck.

    I'd still be suspect of the AFM - possibly the connector? Did you check it the harness at the ECU with the FSM procedure?
  14. FricFrac

    280zx wheel hop at the strip.

    The ZX usually squats pretty hard when you launch. When it squats it's going to toe in. I'd start with checking all your bushings. Never had wheel hop in a 280ZX...