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  1. Post some blacked out ZX's or ZX's with ZG flares

    1982 280zx, auto trans. Painted June 2008.
  2. starting problems

    Hello, My 1982 non-turbo will turn-over and not start if I put the Wrong KEY in the ignition. I have done this 3 times in 3 1/2 years. When I realize that I put the wrong key (door key) in the ignition, and put the ignition key in, as intended, the car starts. I did this again about 2 weeks ago. Same thing used to happen with an old Tercel I had.
  3. Quirkie Turn Signal 1982 280zx

    Hello, Thanks for the detailed information. Nice to get a reply that actually explains something. WD 40 (WD = Water Displacement) is big in the USA. Royal Putple Maxfilm is a newer (and much more expensive option).
  4. Quirkie Turn Signal 1982 280zx

    Good Day, I have bought Two replacement flashers from Nissan Dealers in the USA at $50.00 each. I also have tried a cheap $10.00 one. Results are the same for each. They work then they do not. The USA version of the 1982 280zx definitely has only one Flasher that controls the Hazard and the left / right flasher. Currently everything works. Tomorrow it may not. So far the flashers have worked for about one month. Previously (when hot) they were not working (left turn) for about a month. This has been a cycle going on for three years. Took me awhile to connect the outside temperature (weather) to what was going on. I am looking for a switch to disect. I am not sure as to how the assembly is held together. In other words I am not sure if the switch can be disassembled and then reassembled.
  5. I have been pestered by my turn signal not working for 2 years. It works then it does not. It is not the flasher. Sometimes the left turn does not work, sometimes the right turn does not work. 1982 zcars have one flasher that works with the TS and Hazard. Hazard works fine. The weather has turned cold (for Vegas), temps in the 20 to 50 degree range. Now that it is cold the turn signal works perfect, and has for a couple of weeks. I can only guess that there is a contraction/expansion going on that affects the TS switch. Any one else ever experienced this TS situation?
  6. 82 Datsun 280zx

    Try the below site. http://www.xenons130.com/reference.html
  7. My Love of a Dying Breed

    Move to Las Vegas and you will be required to due a Smog Test every year! Also, I get thumbs-up and frequent compliments on the appearence of my 280zx 1982. Even Porsche owners like my ZX.
  8. wiring issues help

    This is a pic of my 1982 280ZX NON-Turbo fuse box cover. Ebay has 3 for sale NOW.
  9. turn signal switch cover removal? 1982 ZX

    Thanks for the info..
  10. I have an intermitent turn signal problem. Sometimes it will not signal left. Sometimes it will not signal right. Hazard lights work OK. FYI: 1982 has only one TS flasher for both the Hazard and Turn Signal. I have replaced the flasher 3 times. Specifically, I am trying to get the top cover off the steering column that the switch sets under. Sometimes when I jiggle the TS switch handle, the flasher works for awhile then stops. Maybe there is a loose wire in the turn signal assembly, but I can not get the cover off to check-it-out. Also, where in the front headlight area do the turn signals GROUND? Thanks
  11. Gas shooting out when cap removed

    Hello, Look at my post on this forum titled: Fuel Tank Vacuum and Fuel Check Valve. You can probably skip to my post #15, #18 and #19 to see whats-up. You also need to be sure that you have the proper fuel cap that has a vacuum check valve on the bottom. Courtesy Nissan in Texas is the only source I know of.
  12. Oil Pressure sending unit

    Oil Pressure Sending Units are available on Ebay, www.motorsportauto.com and www.blackdragonauto.com to name a few.
  13. Car won't start

    Not sure how long you have had your car, but when I first bought mine, I had a set of two ignition keys that appeared the same when held next to each other. Twice I had a zippo response (about like your problem description). I figured out that only one of my keys would work 100% of the time in the ignition. Both keys looked the same when compared side by side. I had a similiar problem with a toyota. Otherwise, I would look for a blown fuse @ box on the inside passenger side kick panel.
  14. Engine started on fire

    Two more pics!
  15. Engine started on fire

    Maybe some of these pics will help. Disregard the drawing on pics as they are from other postings.