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  1. 2 x short sleeve t-shirts XXXL Dark Heather 1 x Hoodie XXXL Dark Heather 2290 New South Wales, Australia. If you could let me know how much I can pay with Paypal? Rob
  2. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I have not visited the site for a while but will change that now. I have a thread on my build here, yes still not finished after 12-14 years but will post some more info soon. I appreciate the work done to keep this valuable reference available to z car enthusiasts. I have just donated $105 AUD. Rob
  3. Speaker Enclosures

    Yes they are very neat indeed.
  4. Speaker Enclosures

    Hi Guys, I am wondering if these are speaker enclosures above the rear strut towers? Has anyone seen them before or know where to get them? Rob
  5. VQ30DET into 260Z

    I have changed my setup for the radiator , condenser and a smaller intercooler. I am keeping in mind what was worked out in the windtunnel tests, I have the opening the same area as the two fans on the shroud at the back, so air in = air out. All this sits behind the original radiator support.
  6. VQ30DET into 260Z

    Here is page 2 The wiring diagram I found on a Russian site then translated it into English.
  7. VQ30DET into 260Z

    Here is page 1 of VQ30det HY34 pinouts colour coded
  8. VQ30DET into 260Z

    Here is the wiring diagram for VQ30det HY34
  9. VQ30DET swap in 240z

    Ok if you can't weld it then you would have to make a removable multi aspect bracket that conects to the frame rail, it could be triangular to fit like the bracket in the picture. The inner fender obviously doesn't give any strength but if your bracket comes up, the higher the better and is then triangulated down across to the other frame rail you would have enough strength. The higher the triangle the stronger it will be. If you think it will look dicky then tie it across the other way as well to look like a chassis brace that ties into other key spots like above sway bar mounts and upto strut towers. Sort of like a cross-X brace. Rob
  10. VQ30DET swap in 240z

    Does the steering work OK aside from the flexing of the mount? If it does then it would be a matter of fabricating an upright bracket that is joined to the frame rail and inner guard-fender as well as a diagonal brace across to the other frame rail on the passengers side. Rob VQ30DET into 260Z - Nissan V6 Forum - HybridZ.htm
  11. VQ30DET swap in 240z

    It sounds great, thanks for posting the video. Have you driven it much yet? It seems relatively quite is that right? Congratulations on getting the first VQ30det S30 running!
  12. VQ30DET into 260Z

    No, it just has a blue plastic protector on from new, it will come off when the car is ready.
  13. VQ30DET swap in 240z

    Hi Docaam, That looks really good, cant wait to hear how it goes, I like the dash as well. It has come together really well. Rob
  14. VQ30DET into 260Z

    Some more progress, I am working on new plumbing after buying my new cross brace. Rob
  15. help,swap vq25dd -> vq30det

    Maybe this as well. http://nissan.epcdata.ru/cedric_gloria/hy33/5885-vq30det/electric/240/#240B_001 http://www.gobookee.org/nissan-cedric-y33-wiring-diagram/ This person may know something? http://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&u=http://forums.drom.ru/nissan-cedric-gloria-cima/t1151692857.html&prev=/search%3Fq%3Dcedric%2Bvq30det%2Bwiring%26start%3D60%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26channel%3Dfflb%26biw%3D1414%26bih%3D659 Rob