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  1. ritrebor

    280Z A-pillar question

    Top is sunken and bottom is raised ritrebor
  2. ritrebor

    280Z A-pillar question

    Just slots. ritrebor
  3. ritrebor

    R230 companion flange adaptor

  4. ritrebor

    engine bay upper body frame structure for a 240Z

    Have this ritrebor
  5. ritrebor

    R230 companion flange adaptor

  6. ritrebor

    240z Rear Beaver Panel

    I have this ritrebor
  7. What I did with my dash was remove all but 4 screws that hold the dash to the frame. My dash kept cracking after I refinished it. After removing all the extra screws it held up better. The dash isn't going anywhere as it's held in by the A pillars. Seems that when you tighten the screws it puts stress on the old foam. ritrebor
  8. ritrebor

    Vintage Air Mockup Unit *SOLD*

    zip is 90045
  9. ritrebor

    Vintage Air Mockup Unit *SOLD*

    I'll take it ritrebor
  10. I welded a metal box that the tank fits in after cutting out the spare tire well. My hoses exits the bottom rear of the tank under the car. I built a false floor over the tank and added a flip up cap to add gas so everything is hidden. ritrebor
  11. This is what I did to my Z ritrebor
  12. ritrebor

    Techno Toy Tuning Tension Control Rods

    PM Sent ritrebor
  13. ritrebor

    remaining parts from turbo build

    PM sent ritrebor