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  1. Pikes Peaks 2016

    So to end the story, not one but TWO gland nuts completely backed out prior to impact. I check these before every event because sometime the are a smidge not completely tight and even made a custom tool to tighten them in car. They were verified tight a couple days before the event and I've run this car this way for 13 years. For whatever reason after less than two laps here two of them backed all the way out. It was the right rear and left front which is why it came around so fast. I should have not been pushing so hard so early but may not have ended like this if they hadn't come out. So am currently knee deep in putting the same engine into an RX8. I loved the Z and it hurts can never replace it but is time move on. I keep thinking of saving all the Z parts for a later date but realistically there won't be a later date. So if anyone wants to make a serious offer on EVERYTHING Z I have ..... Diamond wheels w/R7, Rota grid, random gold 15" rims, one season old pimp custom OSGiken, Nissan clutch lsd, 3.54, 3.71, 3.9 diffs, custom crossmember to mount LS1, Camaro fuel tank and plumbing, Sanderson LS headers, complete mint stock brake setup minus booster, complete race brake set-up including custom dual master w/ adjuster cable (outlaw calipers, new two piece rotors, hawk pads, 240sx rears), two sets 280zxt axles with both 240 and 280 adapters, sweet dash except notches for cage, lots of custom suspension bits (see underneath pics above but need careful inspection after incident), EMI camber plates, momo steering wheel adapter, Koni race struts, stock complete l24 long lock, 240 radiator, set of new wheel bearings, etc, etc, etc. Basically LS race Z starter kit plus spares and leftover stock bits. With a reasonable offer it can all be yours package deal.
  2. Pikes Peaks 2016

    That link doesnt work but I went to their Facebook page and didnt see any for sale adds.
  3. Pikes Peaks 2016

    Sure couldn't hurt to ask. An early one would be lighter and the cage I would put in it lighter structure shouldnt matter much. I know this is a Z forum but unless could find a REALLY clean one that didn't need frame rails, dogleg, floors, etc it would likely take me a couple years to duplicate what I had with the free car build time I have. I do really want another Z but am thinking of next build to maybe be a late model with MUCH better suspension ... like possibly RX8 / LS swap. Not the best looks but seems like could be a really competitive platform. Still mulling around what to do.
  4. Pikes Peaks 2016

    Cary - there is literally zero error on this hill. The road is no joke barely two cars wide and the entire way up, all 7 miles (video is only of top half), there are either rocks, drop-off, or ditch right at the edge of the pavement/dirt. The view of the passenger rocker/floor is scary. http://forums.hybridz.org/uploads/gallery/album_1776/gallery_690_1776_529751.jpg http://forums.hybridz.org/uploads/gallery/album_1776/gallery_690_1776_305632.jpg
  5. Death of a Z

    Mt Washington Hillclimb 2017
  6. Pikes Peaks 2016

    Well Mt Washington didn't end so well. RIP to my poor Z https://youtu.be/ZyPzalFDFMk Anyone have a roller 240Z looking to get rid of .....
  7. Bolt-on struts?

    You guys in Europe get all the fun. There just arent people prepping old cars for rally, serious hillclimb, etc so this higher end stuff just doesn't exist in the US unless you make it yourself.
  8. Yep I have them on my S30. I kept wearing out the hubs as the outter race wallows out and last year actually the spindle itself was work down to the point the inner race was wobbly. I'm hoping these spacers improve that. The other thing that drives me crazy with tapered roller bearings is there will always be slop where you can slightly rock the wheel back and forth unless you really preload them which is not good. These spacers allow you to make them tight without preloading the bearing. As you play with them you will notice they are VERY sensitive - like rotating them a mm or two on the outer diameter makes a huge difference when you are down the the final setting.
  9. Bolt-on struts?

    That makes sense - they even have picture of their S30 setup on their website. https://mcasuspension.com/images/gold-img-6.jpg
  10. Bolt-on struts?

    Im confused unless there are two MCS' http://motioncontrolsuspension.com/about/ US based and they don't list and Z options?
  11. Bolt-on struts?

    Any update on what you went with?
  12. 74_5.0L_Z, I highly recommend the NASA HPDE to TT program. You will eventually get bored just going fast without lap times IME. Funny too I've landed on a setup that is really close to yours with slightly less power and slightly heavier both of which I'm procrastinating spending the $$$$$ to fix. Also same here can't get enough rear or right side weight with the V8.
  13. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    ... or they are $2650 aus but still
  14. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    Therein lies the problem. If I had the time and wanted to spend the money I would sell mine and go to 5 speed of some sort but I never got that far. First and foremost need to decide what you are going to do with it. If just have fun but not compete then it's a great option but then when you want to get to the pointy end then it's not the droid you are looking for. FYI I just had mine rebuilt and was $2400 which could have bought a nice new 5 speed. I just didn't have the time to research and modify everything to make the change so at least for now have kept the T56.
  15. Best/Easiest T56 Tranny

    If starting from scratch I would not do a T56. I had a complete f-body donor so went that way but for competition it really sucks. It's very heavy, shifts slow and clunky, 5th gear is way too low and 6th is unusable. Really expensive to rebuild. If you have access to a cheap functional one they fit easy, shifter lines up perfect, and are pretty durable. This is my opinion after competing with one for 9 years now. 3.90 will get you going if you already have it but is too high IME. Also depends on your tire diameter though. 3.7 vs 3.54 or otherwise is going to depend again in tire diameter and the track you run.