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  1. '72 240z w/ 10pt

    What a trip to look back and see when I said that I started this project... I actually started it a short time before. Recent updates: I have purchased the Arizona Z Car(www.arizonazcar.com) control arms, mustache bar, differential mounts, and drop kit. In addition to the suspension, I purchased from Ztrix (www.Ztrix.com) the YZ rear fender flares and front Subtle Z flares. This will give me 3" extra clearance in the rear and 1.5" in the front! I needed to figure something out for the wiring and had a custom harness made for the engine harness, that I have yet to install and try out. Also, I purchased a Painless wiring harness (www.painlessperformance.com). TODO list till the next update! 1. Install the control arms 2. Install the wiring harnesses 3. Purchase the the radiator and install 4. Figure out a good gauge solution, I have been looking at RacePak clusters
  2. I have seen about 10 years ago, a list that explained the exact parts needed for the clutch system for a LS/T56 swap. Since it has been over 10 years since I read that and could not find it with the "search function". I ask for the people who have experienced this install or have first hand knowledge of what is needed please answer. Thank you for your help! Question: 1. What master cylinder are you using? 2. What clutch line are you using? 3. How are you connecting the slave cylinder to the clutch line? Without having clearance issues with the tunnel. 4. Is there anything else that I may need to take into account? Set-up so far: '70 240Z w/ LS1/T56 stock pedal box (have stock Camaro box as well)
  3. '72 240z w/ 10pt

    The project hasn't been abandoned!! I didn't get a chance to upload the pics of my progress so far. So since the last posts, I have installed the engine, '99 or '00 Camaro LS1 w/ T-56 transmission. It went in well with the kit, no problems. Currently, getting the wiring situation under control. I have sent my engine harness off to be cleaned up for the swap. I will be looking for a place to do a little computer work here in the near future. I am also mentality preparing myself for purchasing the right chassis wiring harness. I have been looking at Painless, but may go EZ wiring.com. After that stuff is mostly done, I'll be working on getting it started and all the needed items to make it run.
  4. 260DET, thank you! I will hopefully know more soon. I am finishing the build soonish... I say that because I am trying to spend the money in the right areas. The car will have a full interior, of sort. I am having all of the old door cards, and interior pieces made in aluminum and cover in alcantara. The dash has been custom made and will get a RacePak gauge cluster. Right now I am in the process of finding the right suspension components.
  5. I don't mind spending the money on the right parts the first time. Maybe the topic wasn't clear, I want to purchase the right parts to set up my suspension. This is taking into account the new parts available on the market now. TTT does seem to be great parts but are they better engineered than Arizona Z car stuff? The assumption is that I will be purchasing or making complete suspension, including camber plates, struts, hubs, axles, control arms and sway bars (read this as complete suspension).
  6. Here is the thread on my build, its been a few years since I have updated it and worked on it. I will need to up date it soon. R200, great feedback, I haven't done anything to it yet. That will be on the list of things to do. Since I am not too deep into the suspension I am not opposed to putting in a different diff, R230 or R200 short. I also don't mind having it rebuilt with better internals. This thread is going a little off topic, I am trying to find out what is the best most up to date suspension that I can put on my car for Street, Auto X and road racing as a third priority. I appreciate your concern for my driving Clarkspeed, but my driving is not what the thread is about or my concern at the moment. For the record I am active in the San Diego BMW CCA and attend their driving schools and Auto X's. I am a pretty good driver right now in my M5 and took 2nd in my class at the last Auto X on stock suspension and street PSS's. This car is meant for fun and I am seeking the Hybrid Z forum for answers and advice on their experiences. That being said, I really appreciate the input from everyone and would love to share the outcome as the build progresses.
  7. johnc, My goal is to run the widest tire that I can put on with ZG flares or like style. I do already have a r200 longnose LSD. As the car sits now, the LS1 is installed, t56 installed, R200, sitting on the ground waiting for the right rear suspension set up. As far a suspension, I know it's the most important part of my car, as I am asking the question to clarify much talk in several posts with conflicting information and recent new parts available. As far as what class I will run, I am more of a weekend racer (Auto x, track days, etc.) If time allows, one day I will race with other cars. I don't care if I have to run in an unlimited class, but for the time being this car is going to be street legal and raced on the weekends. If the time arises that I am needing to be in a class, I will just purchase a purpose built car for that class. RebekahsZ,I have thought about the sectioning of the stock arms, but thought that maybe technology has made it possible to buy a stronger or more geometric control arm. I will take all insights into account. Thank you.
  8. Local trackers So Cal?

    I do Auto x at Qualcomm Statium. I also have done some track days but am still working on my Z. We do weekend driving events monthly/bi monthly to Palomar Mtn.
  9. I have been on this forum for several years and have seen conversations go back and forth with the different aftermarket suspension set ups. I have seen Arizona Zcar, MM, Silverline etc. options and know that some have flaws in regards to design. In all the articles that I have read, there hasn't been a solid recommendation that is up to date. (New technology, ideal set-up, etc) This is an information seeking and would like to find definitive answers. References: Rear suspension flaw What should I do? Lower Control Arm ?'s Needs: Opinions and defintive recommendations on the best set up and why? Recommedations for items that I have missed. Considerations: I am wanting a big brakes, sway bars, and 5 lug set up. The car: 72 240z w/ LS1/T56. Likely to be road raced, will spend the money to do it right the first time.
  10. Mega Squirt high quality custom harnesses

    I am interested in a harness for 240z chassis with an LS1 in it.
  11. LS harnesses set up for stand alone

    I am interested, Email sent.
  12. Star Road style bumper deletes

    I'd like more info, but I have a 240z and live near their location.
  13. Looks cool, I need a set, z1 or z2... I have a 72 240