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  1. ZCON 2017-Austin, TX, June 20-24

    I had planned on it when I saw the initial announcement. Not to take anything away from the fine H2R, but if the track day was at COTA I would have found a way to make it happen.
  2. Some recently famous Z's playing around

    That was pretty good. Two thumbs up.
  3. 250GT On Craiglist in Denver

    Not mine, but very interesting. Looks really well done: https://denver.craigslist.org/cto/5234802626.html
  4. 3D Printed Track Car Switch Panel

    Thanks Lance. It's not designed to work with any of the stock pieces because there's not much of the original panels left on my car. I'm sure they'd be popular but I really don't have desire to make for-profit parts; this project is my way to test my limits and have a little bit of fun, money be damned.
  5. So, in the process of rewiring the whole car I wanted to simplify all the electric controls to one panel in the center console. Originally I planned to CNC mill it, but thought I'd try a different approach: Drew it up in SolidWorks and exported the stl file for printing: Print in-progress. The hexagonal infill pattern keeps materials and weight down while still being super strong: After printing, the toggle switches were added and the wiring started: After the toggle switches are done, add a kick ass starter button, slap on some paint, and voila!
  6. wiring push button start on 77 280z

    In addition, several times I've been able to use the starter with the clutch out to move the car when the engine wasn't cooperating. Handy, to be sure.
  7. Welder, tools, rotisserie, advice

    ^^^ That's how to write a how-to post.
  8. 3D printing custom emblems

    In my experience, sanding on printed ABS doesn't work terribly well, it just chews it up, especially when the part is intricate. I have been getting amazing results with acetone vapor baths.
  9. What are you using as a tow vehicle?

    Similarly, I use a Suburban. I know you said you don't like trucks, but it's awfully nice to lay the seats flat and sleep comfortably for a couple hours on a road trip.
  10. 3D Elevation Map of Laguna Seca

    Thought you guys would appreciate this. We had to test some new CNC software at work so I figured why not do something cool? Drew up a roughly 1:24,000 scale map of Laguna Seca in SolidWorks and milled it out. The new software worked perfectly.
  11. Street Outlaws!!!

    I saw it too! The wife just rolled her eyes as i rewound it a couple times. Looked similar to the one posted but had a spoiler on back. I don't remember what hood it had on it.
  12. Billet Aluminum Relay Box

    After fighting the machine for a while, I finally got the lid finished. Don't know if I'll powdercoat it to bring out the engraving or just leave it as-is.
  13. My Custom Emblems

    Thank you. Yes, they're all mine, from design to construction.
  14. found an awesome metal fabrication forum...

    Another first time poster; this thread is like a flame to newbie moths. That being said, metal meet is almost as good for killing time as HybridZ.
  15. Dash lights, tail lights, reverse lights are out.

    Agree with the above. In my experience, those are all usually on the same circuit.