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  1. 70 240z looses clutch pressure when return spring is attached

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  2. As the title says. I have an early style slave (new) with the adjustable rod. I have not replaced the clutch master yet. Bench bled the master, bled the slave. With the return spring attached I have no pressure in the pedal. When I unhook the spring I have pressure and can shift in and out of gear. Does this sound like a bad master, an adjustment issue? Still air in the system? Thanks!!
  3. Datsun Hats

    Still have any?
  4. Techno Versions RT mount install issue.

    Thanks for your help NewZed. The factory rubber mount does indeed line up. I'm thinking the early cars are just a bit different. Not a big deal I can grind/hammer and get those areas flat easy enough.
  5. Techno Versions RT mount install issue.

    So it looks like if I flatten the high areas(where the sheet metal makes a 90 and goes toward the diff) I can slide the RT mount back and use the two mount holes that are more forward. Looks like that will get it to line up. Pics are coming up on my phone I'll upload when I'm at my desk.
  6. Techno Versions RT mount install issue.

    There are three. I used the back two which seems to be the only way possible to mount them up. I will go double check.
  7. Techno Versions RT mount install issue.

    Installing my Techno Version RT style mount with the poly bushing in my 1970 with R-200 diff. The mount is bolted to the car, but the R200 looks like it is about an inch or so too far forward. What have I done wrong? I have the later model R-200 moustache bar, as well as the curved lower transverse link. From what I can tell the moustache bar and everything is in the correct position. Any ideas? Sorry for the terrible cell pics.
  8. S30 Diff Strap Bracket Bolts

    Awesome, you are a life saver.
  9. S30 Diff Strap Bracket Bolts

    I did indeed get the RT mount with poly bushing, I had to take a break from working on the car(moved), and am now just getting back to working on it. It mounts using the same bolts where the strap used to mount correct?
  10. S30 Diff Strap Bracket Bolts

    I managed to misplace mine when I tore the rear end of my '70 apart. Anyone know what size/pitch these are off hand? (the 4 bolts that attach the diff strap to the car)
  11. As the title says, needed for my r-200 swap on to a 70 that has the straight bar. Have the mustache bar already. Thanks!
  12. Walbro 255, Aeromotive FPR, Palnet, Bushing Galore!!

    All PMs should be replied to at this point. Fuel Pump and Regulator are sold rear control arm bushings and one set of tension rod bushings are sold.
  13. Walbro 255, Aeromotive FPR, Palnet, Bushing Galore!!

    Osiris thanks for bringing that to my attention, I was using MSA for my pricing, I can do 40 you'll have PM in a bit with shipping
  14. Walbro 255, Aeromotive FPR, Palnet, Bushing Galore!!

    Rack bushings, billet 1" spacers sold! FPR and Pump pending
  15. Bushings: 2x Energy Suspension Tension Rod bushings both new in package, one of the packages cracked which is why its taped: $20 IMG_7971 by heeblehob, on Flickr Cracked packaging: IMG_7968 by heeblehob, on Flickr 1x Energy Suspension Rear Control Arm Kit new in package: $60 IMG_7972 by heeblehob, on Flickr 1x Energy Suspension Bump Stop kit new in package: $12 IMG_7967 by heeblehob, on Flickr 1x Energy Suspension 74-78 Steering Rack Bushing kit new in package (note will not work on 240z racks): $10 IMG_7970 by heeblehob, on Flickr 1x Universal Sway Bar End Link kit in red new in package: $15 IMG_7974 by heeblehob, on Flickr Other Items: Palnet 11mm O-Ring fuel rail with NPT to AN fittings new: $90 IMG_7964 by heeblehob, on Flickr Walbro GSL392 255lph HP fuel pump with AN fittings new no package: $75 IMG_7959 by heeblehob, on Flickr Aeromotive a1000 Adjustable FPR with AN fittings new no package: $125 IMG_7957 by heeblehob, on Flickr Bump Steer Spacers, have 2 1" and one 3/4" spacers, one of the 1" is billet the other is cast, I believe the 3/4 is cast. They may require drilling out one of the bolt holes to fit properly, as they are slightly off as such these are going to be kind of a DIY item: $30 for either size no bolts included IMG_7975 by heeblehob, on Flickr IMG_7978 by heeblehob, on Flickr I will offer a discount for multiple items! All items do not include shipping! All items located in Aldie, VA