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  1. Wheel size for handling

    Necropost because racecar. So cute to see how Jesse's grown.... Literally (as far as contact patch goes at least)
  2. I'm a few weeks away from installing my Megasquirt setup finally. I don't plan to use the ignition module. It's just a basic transistor to amplify the signal and that's exactly what the MS board had if you have the stated ignition output stated in the diyautotune article (which means most units built unless it's ms1 or you build it yourself). Have you done in depth ground testing and experiments? My first guess if your AFRs are sliding around would be sensor noise. Get some log exports and share them. Maybe someone can dig in and see if there's a lead up to missed ignition events.
  3. Well for ignition timing your crank pulley and timing mark NEEDS to be God, because it's the one absolute reference you'll have when tuning. The megamanual goes over this, that you configure your settings then with the engine running you use a timing light to see how "off" you are and adjust the trim until what you see on the light is matching what you see in the logs. Now your crank and megasquirt are in sync and unless your mark on the front moves you can trust your tune to be accurate to the mark.
  4. Tim is right in that there's a lot you can learn by doing it "right" and you can document with certainty what your cam spec is as well as advanced/retarded nature. That said, I hate degreeing a cam while the engine is in the bay. If that's the case, then odds are I'm just going to assemble and run, especially if I'm using all OEM parts. Now, if I bought an aftermarket cam or was using adjustable cam gears, that's another matter entirely. There's a reason people use the tensioner lockup tool in order to avoid pulling the front cover... I think more to Tim's point though, is that doing this once you'll teach yourself a lot and that's worth it. It's like the first time you do anything. Spend the time to learn so that when you do it quickly down the road you have a clear picture in your head as to what's going on. Edit: For feedback sake, those pics look fine. Being a touch advanced is fine as long as you check it semi often for stretch. Also, be sure to check again once you have the crank back to TDC according to the OEM indicator. This is also why I said move the CAM once you assemble, knowing your bottom is close to TDC (when I don't want to pull out my dial indicator I just feel for the "popping" out of the deck that only happens for a very narrow window. You'll see that with anything useful as a rough straight edge.
  5. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Small update: So I've found my missing cam inspection cover as well the thermostat housing. Also reconnected the coolant inlet at the rear of the head. Dizzy cap is back on, as well as the coil. I'll be using MS's built in ignition driver so I've removed the OEM ignition module from the bracket. Radiator is back in too. Little by little.
  6. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I don't want to start a thread to continue this topic, so I'll respond here since we're talking about what I brought up. <--- we're going to come back to this Yellowoctupus hit it right on the head. There needs to be a place to "document" the vast knowledge resources. The trouble I have is that a lot of the best knowledge on here is stuff that comes up because of the conversations people have in the forum format. A wiki only serves to stifle that kind of community sharing. And on social media, I agree and would even say it is the worst alternative to the problem. Information retention is less than the attention span of a teenager these days, and a majority of the answers are useless by most standards. Sure, you might get your emergency information when you need it, but with how much noise? Sharable spreadsheets aren't a bad idea, and with the right interface could be good. But it's going to be quite inhibiting for the nuggets of information that come up randomly once it's on a topic of interest for someone, like exactly the month/day/hour/serial number the split between the early/late 260Z was. This is the kind of trivia that can make a place special, but often isn't something that someone would go and write a how-to on. And I'd say most importantly, the thing that's really been the nails in the coffin, one by one, is the shift from linear to organic/aggregated content streams. Viewing algorithms can quickly narrow down a lot of "noise" of people and bring them to content that either they or others value. Forums are still historically time-based, which generally leads to a lot of digging. And on top of that, often the mantra "did you search?", while valid is a product of the inability to join/merge/split topics. I can't count how many times I've been looking for a piece of information I know is on here, and it turns out I'm looking in the wrong thread because someone started a NEW topic because it was a subtopic started in the place I'm looking. So I'm finding all the traces of information I need, but not the gem I remember being somewhere . And the solution of "well we have a search bar" isn't an answer this day in age. I don't go to google when I want to know if my favorite band is playing anytime soon, I have emails from bandisintown for that. I don't go to google to see how to remove an interior panel from my wife's Honda, I go to YouTube (which is where google would take me if I did). In the age of pre-aggregated information, raw search engines are becoming more niche. And the reasons I think are related (maybe even directly tied) to why forum traffic is slowing to a halt. Now, remember how I said I'd come back to my opener? What if I was able to tag a new thread with a relationship to this one and even the very post that started it? Or better yet, even grab a chunk of this thread and remove the pieces that are irrelevant to this topic. This is pretty much how version control works, which most people have used whether or not they realize it. After talking a bit with drummingpariah I think the best "idea" of what I think is the right direction (for forums in general, as this entire post is directed, not HybridZ specifically) is a bit of a conglomeration of what we've seen already today. What I think we need is something that's a "document and media curator" in which people can have comment based conversations related to both (documents or media) and this should be paired with a Pinterest style metadata collector and tagging system which of course would also be searchable. So when I search "l28et 300hp" I should get results for documents which could be spreadsheets from someone's build, a document of someone's megasquirt is that most of the "tools" to build something like this are as readily available as ever, and a vast majority of the multimedia content doesn't even need to live on the site, but instead in people's already existent cloud storages/services (google drive, dropbox, youtube, amazon s3, github, etc). The point of something "new" from all those things that exist already is a place to have a clean document editor (maybe dillinger.io markup==wysiwyg gui) that then allows insertion of media, a tagging and search engine. Essentially combining the bits of solutions today to allow an aggregated focus on "documentation". Now, all that said I can think of a really "basic" low feature version of this that could be deployed with relatively low man hours. Yet I won't. Why? Because the success of an idea like this isn't necessarily just the engineers and/or effort put into the system. It's also the community adoption. If you don't have a sure way to steer people in order to generate the valuable content, then it doesn't matter how great the system is. Honestly, I think people just aren't there yet. Some people are jumping from social media, but most people don't want an alternative if it means what they see as undue effort. Basically, unless I'm willing to put forth the effort to seed a system like that with quality content that can draw people in, then there's little point. Instead, a huge chunk of the quality content creators just move to other platforms, like YouTube. There's a lot of things that would have been on forums 10 years ago, but today people put forth quite a bit more effort to instead create content that can be far more easily consumed. Anyway, again just more pondering. And I really do hope a solution comes sooner rather than later. Because though it might be $3k this year spread across hundred or so people willing to donate, what happens when it's $5k spread across 10? That's a big yearly cost to keep nostalgia alive. And yes, I say this without the holy "donating member" marque next to my name. Rest assured, I'll be doing my part this year. And long live hybridz. Those other forums? Good luck...
  7. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Not much done tonight but I spent some time cleaning. The below pic represents a lot of work, despite a lot left to do. I also started going through the first parts bin and found a lot of things I'd need, so that's hopeful. A lot of things just need to go away. Garbage bin will be full this week...
  8. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    You mention that the chambers were welded, how much quench pad is there? If a lot, then a thicker gasket might be hindering more than helping. Google quench pad and quench distance to learn more. Also, pics are always nice.
  9. Correct, make sure the piston is visually at the top (it actually pokes OUT just a touch if you look closely, but don't worry if you're not that exact) which make the marks easy enough to align. Make sure the camshaft lobes on the #1 piston are both "up" and you'll be in the ballpark on the head. Then use the lighter color links on the chain to be "sure" timing is right.
  10. Is the front timing cover off I assume? Then it doesn't matter to be "exact", it just gets you in the ballpark for the marked links on the chain. One mark will go on the crank sprocket and the other on one of the three marks on the cam (which allows for stretch adjustment). Usually once I get the crank side on and the cam sprocket in the chain properly I use a wrench on the block section in the middle of the cam to adjust the cam a degree or two as needed so the sprocket slips on. Then you can put the tensioner on and reassemble the front cover.
  11. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Tonight's update: got the manifolds torqued to (my) spec (oem is too low imo and prone to leaks at raised boost levels), fuel rail installed, and tossed on the j pipe for a more complete look. I'd have tossed on the thermostat housing... if I could find it... Same with that damn front cover for the head. So I spent about as much time cleaning/organizing as I did working on the car. I feel like there's a box of parts hiding somewhere. Probably time well spent still.
  12. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Also, I promised pics, which are largely on my phone, so I guess I don't have an excuse to delay...
  13. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Yeah, downright SCARY how fast time flies. I can measure time since my car ran by the age of my eldest. But yes, still local. I'm no longer in North Vacaville though, I'm on the south side now. Feel free to PM.
  14. Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Holy lack of update batman! So July 2016, I was prepping the MN47 and removing one of the exhaust studs and it broke... A good 1/4" under the surface too. So, pull out the drill, put a hole in it. Done. Make it as big as you can comfortably get. Done. Use an easy-out to extract it and make sure to use one that is getting good depth. SNAP! MO#@)*I)$$ That sent me into a bit of a spiral and the project stalled. A few months later we were looking at buying a house, and in October 2016 we purchased and I moved the garage and such. Between family life and work I just wasn't motivated to solve the problem. I felt the best option was to just drop it off with a machinist, but local labor rates are high, and I don't want to gamble with what could be a "quick" $250 solution, or a $500 "OMG Stop spending my money and give it back!" because they couldn't remove it all after the first two hours of labor. Come last summer I felt like I needed to really give it a go again, so I did what any good DIY'er would do. I worked up the motivation and spent most evenings out in the garage while the kids played out front standing over top of my head on the bench with a drill. Drill for a few minutes, check progress, sharpen bit. Drill for a few minutes. Check progress, sharpen bit. Eventually (about two weeks later), I got all my failures and tears of sadness removed from the head and was left with a not-so-round 3/8 hole. This was now a solvable problem, but I'd need a drill press or milling machine to get a TRULY round hole and not wobble another oval into the head. Another few months passed, mostly due to work transitions, and eventually (about two weeks ago), I bugged someone about borrowing his bench height drill press. I went out, bought a tap and corresponding bit and went to work. It was a bit butt clenching at first but after I felt success the motivation momentum drug started taking effect. In one week I had the hole round again, tapped, plugged, new hole drilled and tapped with a fresh stud ready to go. Now the head is back on and torque, manifolds are on ready for final torque down and I'll be finishing the last of the prep work before doubling down to do the EFI. Which brings me to the major changes. I'm on a big "forget all while I'm at it's" kick right now, and I'm forgoing sequential fuel and spark in the name of running. I'm just going to control the OEM dizzy directly (same as the DIYautotune write up) and run batch injection. E85 can wait. Boost control can wait. Sequential fuel can wait. Coil on plug can wait. Those are all things I'll be far more motivated to do, once I'm driving this thing again. ...pics to follow.
  15. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I know I haven't been on much, but apparently, it's really been a while. I'll try not to make an epic book of a comeback post. This thread shows that there's clearly an interest in keeping this site going. We're certainly not the largest forum still alive, but there's a strong core of users. If Dan had made this post sooner, I'm sure money would have been there sooner, and I think Dan has learned that he can and should speak up about these things. It's not pestering us to find out things cost money. I really love the idea of having a "current funding" bar that can show the "health" of the budget. Even if we inflate the initial estimate of yearly cost in order to account for taxes Dan has to pay, along with unforeseen expenses, upgrades, etc we can call it $3500/year, and I imagine the community would step up to cover that easily if the knew the goal. Also, I know there are more than just a few of us IT pros lingering. Some of us have racks at home. Some of us have our own hardware in colos. Some of us do this for a living, and would gladly donate resources which could have a dramatic impact on cost overhead. Dan, I'm not sure if you haven't shared because you don't want to, or you think it's irrelevant, but knowing what the real requirements are could give us a better idea how we could help. What's the CPU/Memory/Disk footprint? What's the monthly traffic? What kind of database is on the backend? Do you have any CI/CD process to allow preflight tests before updates and automation of deployments? These are all things which there are resources lingering in the community ready to be tapped if needed. If you want to keep things close to the chest, I'm not offended,. I'm just making sure it's stated plainly that some of would gladly donate time, not just funds. The last point I'll get into, that forums are a dying breed of communication. I've considered off and on over the last 5+ years how I might "fix" this problem if given the opportunity and I still don't have a great answer. The merits of "community" have largely moved away from forums and onto social media. I don't love the trend, but it's factual. But community and relations aside, we are all drawn here instead of another Z forum because of information. Simply put, a wiki can't replace Hybridz. Would a wiki help consolidate some of the information? Sure. But the icing that makes this place cake and other forums bread is the willingness to discuss, debate, document, and share information not just in collaboration, but in contention. Paraphrasing an old TonyD post, "how can you know a book is even true"? A general wiki relies upon source material to "prove" truth. A huge pile of knowledge here IS the source of proof as it exists to any extent on the internet. That's the issue I haven't seen solved anywhere. If forums are going to go the way of AOL chat rooms, then what's the truly better medium for our discussion of which the end goal is documentation? I know I haven't come close to actually answering any questions in this post. My hope is that I've possibly sparked thoughts in people, which could lead to conversations that might lead to actions, product of which we might find ourselves in a better place.