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  1. Gollum

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    I'd forgotten about that meetup! Thanks for the reminder of just how short Jesse is. By contrast I'm a hair under 6'. If I ever cage my 280z I think I'm going to have to cut into the B pillar to bury the main hoop as far out as possible.
  2. Gollum

    Splunk Your Logs

    The only conversation I could find on the topic via Google is here: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14646&start=25 And some other talk about it here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/loguino-users/WFDGp9oZgd4 I know Splunk won't be for everyone, especially as getting it set up is a bit of work, but that said it's certainly something anyone could follow along with a screen capture session to get started with. And I know we don't REALLY need another log viewing tool, but I'd argue that there's a lot of value in being able to bring some "big data analytics" to the table when it comes to digging into logs. While most log viewers are focused on drilling down into small point in time info, splunk would allow you to look at data correlations across large numbers of logs. I'm no splunk expert by any means, but hopefully I can continue building stuff useful for myself, while I share with the community. Right now the log ingestion is a bit specific, and could easily break if anything doesn't mimick my setup. So some known basic requirements if you want this to work with my splunk app: 1) Logs should be stored in the default path of c:\users\$user\documents\tuner studio\$project name\Datalogs The above $user and $project name will have to be different than mine but it's important the layout match. 2) I'm using the stock log format output. No custom field, using Tunerstudio free edition (plan to purchase in the next week or so). The field layout might differ in your firmware and/or tunerstudio version. Any changes to this will break the data lookups, as I've had to hard code the field extraction. Once I figure out how to automate that field extraction from the header row (which isn't a real header row.... grrrrrrr) then this requirement won't be an issue. Also, once you have your field extractor working, the dashboards should work regardless of what data you're logging (meaning it's JUST the field extractor that's hard coded, there's a few things I rely on, like "RPM" but it should all just work). As far as release, I'm not quite there yet. I'll start a github repo and post some youtube videos once I get there. But as a tease: That represents less than a day of actual work from start to finish. One of the things I like about splunk is that it's relatively easy to build visualizations once you know the basics.
  3. Gollum

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    Well, MS software might be more mature, but it's also quite stagnate. I was hoping that the open nature of RusEFI might help it gain ground quicker, and it looks like the project is doing pretty well, but it's not like the software(only) industry. There still needs to be buyers to get growth to happen to accelerate maturity. But yeah, kit or pre-assembled, it's still a great deal to get into what looks like a great community. But then alternatively, there's great propriety platforms that are very affordable these days. EMU Black comes to mind...
  4. Gollum

    ROM bins for L28ET 1982 ECCS

    If you're ever passing through Vacaville you can HAVE my old ECUs.... Keep up the neat work. Might not be applicable to most as aftermarket EFI is getting cheaper and cheaper, but it certainly fuels the learning/research data which ends up helping you and others that follow along, regardless of solution chosen. Before I scored a good deal on MS3X I was strongly considering ordering a RusEFI kit...
  5. Gollum

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Jeff says the cage makes it hard for tall people to fit? Shocker!? Jeff, if you haven't seen the Driven Daily S30 build, check it out on youtube. Jesse is a long time friend whom I met because of these forums, and he had a heck of a time designing a cage that works well for seat placement, and I think he's a couple inches shorter than you... That said, we all love the videos. Keep them coming! I know the videos help keep you on task and motivated, but they also help others stay motivated too. No Pressure....
  6. Gollum

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    My wiring still isn't 100%, bit it's near enough I'm not so ashamed of it. The loom routing is a bit of a mess, and if I did it all over with $300 to blow on dedicated wiring supplies I'd have done it differently. All in all, not bad for 90% recycled supplies from donor cars (other than the diyautotune wiring which was loathsome to work with). Still need to tape the driver side engine harness, as well as some of the other bits, but you get the idea. One less todo before drivable.
  7. I expect my tunerstudio dash will be essentially tach, speed, and warning lights to say "look at another screen to see what's up". Yes, often data just becomes noise.
  8. So you're saying if I made an EFI analysis dashboard in splunk you'd use it? That actually makes me feel even better about the last version of my dash: Literally scrap stainless I found. What a bitch to cut. And man were those corners sharp. I didn't put fancy hose on my dash like you did!
  9. The high output ign driver is generally installed in Q16, top left corner of your pic, or this pic as I've modified points out: Looking up that printed part # brings up exactly this issue. Bosch doesn't label them BIP373, but that's indeed likely the part. Also, all the metal backed transisters are likely high current drivers of some sort, be it injector or something else. You can reference this v3.0 board assembly manual to validate parts to locaitons: http://www.megamanual.com/ms2/V3assemble.htm Glad I could help, hopefully.
  10. Fuse panel donated from a 83 turbo. Panel is from an aluminum computer case. Front switch panel is from a macbook pro case.Switches, loads, and grounds bundled together through common terminal blocks (grounds are tired together using a home electrical box style ground strip). Obviously a bit messy inside, which will get sorted to some degree, but my main goal was trace-ability and being able to work on it without breaking my back. Whole sections can be diagnosed easily as systems and/or removed as units. You can see I used aluminum flex conduit to do my runs to main sections of the car, which makes it relatively easy to pull/repull entire runs. Feel free to call it ghetto, you can see I obviously care.
  11. Have you seen my dash? I have almost zero factory wiring left, chassis or engine...
  12. So demanding! That pic is a little out of date, by a few days. I've since gotten it running, with no small amount of cursing. Amazingly though, all my wiring was correct from the get go! And my tooth settings were all correct, though the suggest #1 degree provided by diyautotune was.... about 50 degrees off. I'm amazing it started on that timing. I still haven't finalized all the wiring yet, hence why you can tell in that pic the injector wiring isn't taped up yet, as there's a lot that still needs to be added to that loom. My MS Relay box is mounted on the passenger side fender well, so all the sensor wires will follow around the engine up to there. The MAP hose (using onboard MAP sensor) runs through the firewall on the driver side. For the trigger wheel I actually reused the stock 83 turbo dizzy wiring, and it's just long enough to make the trip over to the relay box. I haven't wired in oil pressure, yet. I might end up trying to find a pressure + temp oil gauge that works with the factor nissan block outlet and such. Air temp I mounted on the J pipe where the stock PCV inlet goes. I put the IAT there because that's thin walled pipe, and should offer much less heat soak and faster response times. As-is I used an open element sensor to try to get faster readings. As for the alternator, I just finished wiring that the day before yesterday. First starts were actually on battery only. Once I killed the battery I took the short downtime to recharge the battery a bit and make my alternator harness. It exists completely outside of my EFI harness as it's own stand alone wiring run.
  13. Gollum

    Vacaville Velo Rossa

    Dude, progress is looking great! Keep at it, and keep a fireline around that property!
  14. So I assume by now you realize you have the BIP 373 installed I'd just run directly off that, no external ignition box. I'd do that simply to have "easy" wiring. ...says the guy with all the wires... And since I teased in my last post:
  15. Gollum

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    I'll just leave that here.