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  1. RIP Joel Soileau

    Just reading of this horrible news now. Such a helpful man, hate to see us lose another kind soul here. Rest In Peace....
  2. WTB Rear Disc Brake Brackets Maxima or Aftermarket

    This is set up for the Wilwood 4 piston caliper brake kits and spot parking brake calipers.
  3. WTB Rear Disc Brake Brackets Maxima or Aftermarket

    I actually found a pic or two of them that I took awhile ago.
  4. WTB Rear Disc Brake Brackets Maxima or Aftermarket

    I have a new, unused set of brackets that are back up to another version that I decided to use instead. I had them anodized red and never installed. I am finishing up a two week annual visit with my friends and family in North Carolina until the 18th however, which I then could get you some pics of.
  5. I chose the complete strip down and build up approach for my project and am glad that I did. I discovered how shotty the previous owners repair work was and found unexpected rusty panels in most all the known areas after the old under coating, BONDO etc was removed. I am a bit of an obsessive type and have approached this car with the plan to build it to my liking/standards/approval and never sell it. I wish I could have hauled it up to Los Angeles and had it dipped then epoxy primered, but going the route I went (professional sand blasting) allowed me to meet my current body/paint guy as well as start the body work on the blasters property. There was some signs of minor panel warpage on a few areas where as the dipping process would not have been an issue. All in all for my first old car as well as doing what I can so far to rebuilding it, I am happy that I went this method and exposed all problem areas and gave me a new canvas to strengthen for my intended 500ish whp goals. I will add that I rode in a friends L28et 280Z that at the time was only making mid 200ish hp and ended up cracking the new paint in the C pillars where the lead lines are. I had mine removed and welded solid as a result. I still plan on more stitch welding in the rear area as well as finishing the firewall to complete the front. I think you are forming the right plan to combat that amount of torque and power that you have planned. Just a few pics showing the passenger side requiring a new cut piece to properly line up as well as how thick the bondo was in some places. The first page of my build shows what I discovered under a pretty, new, blue paint job and the very beginning of the snowball rolling down the hill of no return.
  6. This is an airdam from the Subtle Z kit from www.ztrix.com. It flares out to match up with their flared front fenders so most likely not a match for stock bodied S30.
  7. WWW.Commonsnapper.com sells this front airdam.
  8. Top chop update

    Beautiful end results! I'm curious as to your personal opinions on the Vitaloni California door mirrors. Are they vibration free, or do you find them vibrating all throughout rev ranges?
  9. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    You are living an exciting, busy life indeed. Thanks for the update and hope the new measurements work out. I am/will be your biggest fan and supporter of getting this to a point where many of us can purchase one of your kits. Looking forward to more updates in the near future.
  10. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Once again just checking in to see if there is any forward motion with this.
  11. Sound Deadening Material For Floor

    I'm glad to hear of your positive first hand experiences with the lizard skin products as I have both sound deaden-er and heat suppression waiting to be applied when that time comes in the build.
  12. I am revisiting this with a new lowered price of $2200 for the whole package.
  13. 60mm throttle body

    I have a new, unused Weber 60mm that I purchased awhile ago from a member here and put into my parts collection and never used. Here is the original ad from the previous owner and some pics of it. PM if interested... http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/112766-weber-throttle-body/?hl=%2Bweber+%2B60mm+%2Bthrottle+%2Bbody
  14. Ford 8.8 IRS swap v2.0

    Just looking for some current info or status on this
  15. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    Glad to hear this Dan. Keep the donations coming in people, we want this site to stay indefinitely.