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  1. Nelsonian

    Show Off Your Engine Bay! Pics Wanted, L-series

    No worries indeed Austin, your old turbo,downpipe and intercooler setup found a happy engine bay. I can't wait to eventually put them in their new home.
  2. Nelsonian

    Gas tank

    I have a completely reconditioned inside/out and warrentied 76' gas tank for sale in San Diego. I brought this tank to Gas tank Renu (Mac's Radiator) in Belflower, CA. They patched a few punctures that the junk yard put in the bottom, completely seperated, blasted then used a process known as plastisol for the inside. I opted to have the exterior left in bare blasted metal as to paint it with quality Endura primer and metallic silver paint. I have invested a good amount into this ($375 +) and have no intentions of letting it go for "junkyard prices". Also included are the original fuel tank sending unit and two longer straps to hang the tank all for $350. Either shoot me a pm or better yet (619)318-1437, Chris....
  3. Ghetto Fabulous. Reminds me of a friends ride back in highschool, big old house speakers.
  4. Nelsonian

    Ebay fuel injectors. (550cc Supra Turbo)

    I would do a search, in particularly on Venom brand injectors. You wont find many kind words in regards to them. I got lucky and scored some virtually new RC 550's for a good price.
  5. Nelsonian

    Made new door panels, what u think??

    I would jump on board if you were to start providing this service.
  6. Nelsonian

    *Pics* of your race car

    I believe they are WedSport SA90's in bronze. After photographing and staring at this car for a ridiculous amount of time at the 07' MSA show, I made my decision to get the subtle z kit.
  7. Nelsonian

    Giving My Evil Z away (not a joke)

    Clive, That is a tremendous act of kindness, one I'm sure will not go unappreciated. I just returned from surf vacation in Ecuador and watched a good friend give away an old surfboard to a local kid who had broken his in half. That kid went to church that friday night to show his gratitude. This was by no means on the same level as giving away a car, but heart warming none the less. Which ever route you end up taking with "the fleet", I'm sure will come out top notch.
  8. Nelsonian

    Rota RB/RB-R, 4x114.3, 17", Z-Offset Wheels

    I am curious if the standard zg flare allows for more than 1.5" distance of wheel space from the stock body specs? My car will utilize Reaction Research's "subtle z" flairs which give an extra 1.5" front and back along with gc coilovers. I'm not quite sure if I will need to order 9" f/r or the staggered 9"f-9.5"r as most are doing with the standard zg's. I sincerely hope I have not overlooked this in this lengthy thread but am asking for anyones advice, Thanks.
  9. Nelsonian

    fuel cell style components for stock z tank

    Count me in for one also, if it's not too late.
  10. Nelsonian

    best to get undercoating off

    I am at the same point with turbo280z needing to remove the undercoating. I searched and searched for others suggestions and input and ended up trying a few mentioned methods on a small portion of the car. I started with heating torch and putty knife, then tryed "Mr. Muscle" oven cleaner and then finally the fastest method, using a SnapOn "Crud Thug" stripper tool. I still have to remove the majority of old undercoating but feel more than confident the crud thug will get me there much faster than other methods. The down side to using this is its initial cost. That's where ebay luckily saved me a fortune. There are some tight spots where I will resort to using the torch/scraper but for the most part its Crud Thug time. Best of luck with your removal job.
  11. Nelsonian

    Custom projector head lights

    A little more details on the components that you are using please. I am very interested to see how these turn out as well.
  12. Nelsonian

    280YZ Wide Body Race Kit

    Featured in Grassroots Motorsports November 2004, vol 21-#7. Under the spec sheet, Tires: Goodyear Eagle 25.5x11.5-18 track, Michelin 335/30ZR18 street. Wheels: Complete Custom Wheel (CCW) 18x12-in, 3 piece forged. Also featured in this issue is funny man Adam Carolla's 510 BRE clone.
  13. Nelsonian

    Spirit Garage- Best motoring DVD.

    Please post for all. I've been jonesing as well to view that sweet ride again.
  14. While picking up some parts in a local auto parts store, I grabbed a magazine I was not familiar with Camaro Performers and saw an ad for a whole combo gauge cluster intended for a 67', 68'. The unit includes a 5-inch combo speedo and tach along with a 5-inch quad gauge mounted in a reproduction factory housing. The whole set up utilizes a sweeping style gauge. The company is http://www.classicinstruments.com and also stated they offer custom designs at an additional cost. Might be applicable with some modification.
  15. Nelsonian

    Machined parts

    How about some new center caps for the Rota RB-R wheels. Maybe something hexagonal like Panasport uses and something "cool" for a logo.
  16. Nelsonian

    Help me beat the neon!!!!

    One more in favor of utilizing an intercooler. Then I would pull all unnecessary interior items, spare tire, etc...to reduce the weight. Lots of benefits from putting the car on a diet.....
  17. In June 2007' issue of Super Street, page 64-65, shows a nicely modified bmw z3 utilizing a Stack super sports cluster by Defi. It has a sweeping boost and tach, while a digital section resides underneath. Perhaps enough compromise between digi and mechanical ? Here's my vote for just installing a Porsche 996 turbo gauge cluster, incredible design imho.
  18. Nelsonian

    Best oil cooler kit for turbo engine?

    Gixxer Squid, Send me a pm, as I may have an oil cooler setup for you, Nelsonian.
  19. Echoing what 280Zone mentioned, focusing on parts not already offered. I would love to see something addressing the cowl to windshield rake addressed. Perhaps a nice fg cowl that encompasses farther up the windshield allowing for better aerodynamic flow characteristics.
  20. Nelsonian

    Carbon Fiber Door panels

    ^ +1, Ditto on just receiving the fiberglass speaker door panels. Very well made and Pete is great to work with. Can't wait to get the whole car project together.
  21. Nelsonian

    Fiberglass Interior Door Panels

    I'm interested in a set just like Burnoutz requested, pm sent also
  22. Nelsonian

    "Airport Z" project update

    "The Subtle fender kit adds 1.5 inches of width to each corner of the car. Depending upon backspace and suspension configuration, you can run up to 9.5 inch wide wheels with this kit", as mentioned by John washington of http://www.reactionresearch.com . Great guy to do business with as well as a quality kit. Duragg, I was wondering what progress you had made since you last left off. Your project is my inspiration to start with my 73' turbo subtle z kit project, good to see more progress, looking very good !!!! Chris
  23. Nelsonian

    New (to me) truck

    Looks like Buxton, NC. to me, south of the lighthouse.