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  1. ford 8.8" solid axle swap

    Finally making progress on this again. Fabbed my own crossmember instead of buying one. Cut out a section in the floor and welded it in. Welded brackets onto the rear axle. Made panhard bar brackets. This is a big job, wow. Everything is going smoothly though. Rear end seems to fit in the space provided there. Sorry this post is a little vague but I will answer any questions.
  2. No spark ms2 v3.57

    It should have a mica insulator. If not that could be your problem.
  3. Use Schneider springs 68022 110/240seat pressure and matching retainers. Then get the correct lash pads.
  4. Adding shims under the cam brackets doesn't effect the springs. What you'll need are thicker lash pads.
  5. No spark ms2 v3.57

    Ohm the wire from pin 36 on the db37 to the coil negative. If that's good power up the coil and touch the negative to ground and see it if fires. I that's good ohm all the circuits on the ms board for the ignition circuit using the schematics online.
  6. With high energy ignitions "they say" it's possible for a wire to arc to another wire and cause the wrong cylinder to fire. And spark blowout is when there's too much cylinder pressure for the spark to jump the gap on the spark plug. So you tighten the gap a little. I had it on my L28et. At 15psi it would start missing. I closed the gap to .025" and cured it.
  7. Could be cross firing. I'm not sure about na applications but I'm also wondering if spark blowout is possible with such high compression.
  8. Coilovers on Stock Length Struts

    I installed coil over sleeves without sectioning the strut tube. I use 12" 80lb springs. I still had to use .500" wheel spacers to get the front down to stock ride height. I would have used 10" springs but they only went down to 100lb.
  9. The ford 2.9L v6 (ranger, bronco2) stem seal is what most people use.
  10. Ford ranger

    I've seen a 4 cyl ranger engine in a z. But not vice versa.
  11. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Yes but buying the most expensive cam doesn't always yield the best results. Get the right cam for your application. Not the right cam for someone else. Talk to Ron at isky. He can recommend a good cam. He will tell you that his $360 new cams aren't as good as his $140 regrinds. Racer brown is another old school datsun cam you should research.
  12. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Ok cool it's.540. I think the duration at .050 is 236. I always like going straight to the source when possible. It saves money. And Ron will tell you what you really need. He doesn't push his product. I called him and told him that I needed a new cam. After talking with him a while he felt that I had a valve spring problem. At no point did he try to sell me springs. He just gave me spring specs that would cure my problem.
  13. Don Potter Racing Cam?

    Isky has a .535" regrind for $140. It would probably do great in most L6s. Why pay almost tripple the price?
  14. Which megasquirt version is recommended?

    Ms2 is what I've been using since 2011. You can do everything but sequential with it. I'll soon upgrade to ms3x because I'm adding a bunch of outputs. I mainly want it dir the drag staging feature. You can always upgrade your ms2 to ms3 or ms3x later by replacing the processor.
  15. What does "76 degree cam" mean?

    I know in drag racing guys say their car ran "a 40" when the first number is already known.