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  1. Rear end vibration under throttle in gear

    Nissan started staking the joints in to the shaft in 1975, directing owners to replace the whole shaft if there were problems. There are places that will modify the shafts so that the u-joint can be replaced. That's what he's looking for.
  2. 240z vs 280z

    Worn wheel bearings, bushings, or steering gear are all likely on these old cars. Sounds like you haven't really checked anything out. Getting way ahead of buying another car.
  3. When people say they did "all" of the tests, it usually comes out later that they skipped a few or didn't actually measure numbers, just continuity. Just saying, you have to be rigorous and detailed when you work on these systems. Good accurate numbers measured at the right times. For example, 35 psi on a running engine is too high, if you set the pressure while the engine is running. Besides that, if you don't show the numbers you got then people out here can't really offer good advice. Everybody says that they did everything right, so there's no wrong to fix. Also, 4.8 ohms is too high for injector resistance, so it makes you wonder where you got your specs. Although it alone wouldn't cause your problem. 8 psi is really low fuel pressure though. A fairly common problem is a blown FPR diaphragm. Of course, you'd have to have two bad ones since you tried two and got the same results. Just trying to help. Need more details. Are there numbers on the injectors, for example? That would be a clue.
  4. Did you talk to more than one person? Can't imagine that the guy who designed it hadn't seen the press-in studs. Sounds like you didn't get far enough up the chain. Aren't the CV joints the weak link on many of the 930 style axles? The diameter isn't worth much if the CV joint fails. Torque and horsepower aren't the same thing. And multiple posts from the past have laughed at the 800 or 1000 HP claims. Nonsense numbers.
  5. Have you tested the sensors that tell the ECU how much fuel to add?
  6. RIP Joel Soileau

    He did a great job as a moderator here. He seemed like a really good guy. Looks like he was active on the site just recently, so it must have been sudden.
  7. Rear end vibration under throttle in gear

    Some is normal. The retaining circlip has some play in both grooves. People have been known to lose the circlip or just not be aware that there's supposed to be one in there, and run with a loose axle. Take the nuts off and see if the axle is retained. You're sill misguided on your lug nut issue. Any play in the lug nut or stud area is bad. Any. There's no close enough. The wheel should be firmly attached to the flange, as if they were one piece. That's a basic of any wheeled vehicle, no fuzzy area to think about.
  8. 280z 302 sbf swap

    No problem. And I'm not your bud.
  9. Rear end vibration under throttle in gear

    The loose lug nut thing is a big concern. How can you drive around with loose lug nuts and not know it? They were so loose you could feel the play be shaking the wheel by hand? That's a lot of loose. And there shouldn't be an "as much as I could" in there. There's either a torque value or you know from experience. Are you running steel wheels or mag wheels? There are many ways to have a bad wheel. Bent steel, or wallowed out aluminum on the mag, or lug nuts that are too long and bottoming out on. If you've identified a wheel problem, swapping to known good wheels for a test would save you a lot of time. You should spend more time on the wheels and make sure that they're right. I used a vise to press my bushings out, and only heated the metal behind the rubber to destroy the bond. Burning the whole thing is neat-o but really just makes a lot of unnecessary mess.
  10. 280z 302 sbf swap

    The easiest, closest thing to a bolt-in, option might be one of these - https://whiteheadperformance.com/performance-parts/datsun-240z-260z-280z-1970-78/240z-280z-diff-differential-axles-lsd/ They are hard to find on the open market, the CL's and eBay's don't have many. You can also get an open R200 and convert it to LSD with one of these - https://www.whiteheadperformance.com/?s=differential&post_type=product Neither of these are bolt-in because you'll need a different mustache bar, and modified propeller (aka drive) shaft. If you try to run all of that torque through an open R180 diff you'll probably just break it right away or it will wear out from spinning one wheel.
  11. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    Here you can see that there's only 1.58" of travel combined in the two joints. Could be that your problem isn't too little travel, but too much, on the inner joint. 2 x "not much at all" = correct.
  12. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    Your question has already been addressed then, you just need to use the answer in your response. Seems like you might be looking at your axle backwards. And 2 inches of travel in either direction would be 4 inches of total travel. I don't think that's possible.
  13. 300 ZX Turbo CV shaft disassembly and reassembly

    You haven't really defined a problem, besides "very little", which, somewhat ironically, means very little. Also ironic, you need to be more articulate in your description. Seriously. It's not clear what the problem is.
  14. Rear end vibration under throttle in gear

    You say unbalanced but you describe loose. Sounds more like a bad bearing or bad suspension bushings.
  15. Rear end vibration under throttle in gear

    I didn't post earlier because you said that you were taking it to a transmission shop, but you might compare 3rd gear to 4th gear. 4th is powered straight through the transmission. while 3rd uses the countershaft. If you have a bad countershaft bearing you won't notice it as much when in 4th under power. You might also drain the fluid and check the drain plug magnet. Not uncommon to find bearing retainer pieces on the magnet. The adapter plate bearings go bad. Just noticed that you said 3rd or higher. There are also main shaft bearings in the adapter plate. The two in the front cover go bad also. Either way, draining and checking the plug will tell you something. Easy to do. Remove the fill plug first, to be sure that you'll be able to refill it.