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  1. Dang!!! It's particularly bittersweet that the Z aftermarket is so strong right now when we're losing some of the extremely influential old guard...
  2. TIG welder recommendation

    Well this topic has got me doing some more research since I last looked into a tig, and my opinion has changed... Factors: Quality/Inclusion of Foot Pedal Regulator or Flow Meter? Pulse Settings (Didn't think I'd care too much for this, but I tried it on a buddy's welder last week and its great) Starting Amps Between these Models: AHP AlphaTig 200x ($680-800, +200 = $1k) Pros: Low Initial Cost, pedal interchangeability, pulse & ac settings. All of your settings are easy to see at a glance. cons: realistically need to replace pedal and flow meter... so tack on another 200 to price. "More difficult" to store settings - need to record rotary position instead of digital readout. Not a big deal but people do seem to complain. Most questionable build quality. Price on amazon seems to fluctuate. Starting Amps high (10-20 IIRC) Eastwood Tig200 (680+160=$840) Pros: Low initial cost, decently well built, Eastwood has good support. Cons: Garbage foot pedal, no pulse settings. Definitely pretty barebones. Eastwood seems to have proprietary connectors which makes parts interchangeability questionable. Also sold as the Longevity 200SX. Eastwood Tig200 Digital (900+40=$940) Pros: Loads of settings, bendyhead torch, eastwood quality, can save settings. A/C Tig Mix - includes a DC pulse to stabilize arc (!) Cons: Settings menu difficult to use quickly, steeper learning curve on setting up machine, again parts interchangeability is questionable, foot pedal looks unique to this product. Literature says it comes with a flow meter, but then parts list calls it a regulator. Product advertisements make it look like a regulator, probably need to replace. No specifications on starting amps, 220v ONLY Everlast 185DV (900+160 = $1060) Pros: Everlast seems to have stepped up their game with their Tigs. My previous comment was in reference to a multi-machine that I had experience with years ago, but its hard to find many negative things about their current machines. Machine settings are easiest to identify, included accessories will be the nicest and are interchangeable with other manufacturers. 5amp DC start (!), will have the cleanest arc. Cons: No foot pedal included, lower max amperage than others. Edit: Just found this amazon listing for the 185DV + Pedal for $950 Here's how my thinking has changed: For me, a tig welder is more than just welding aluminum, it's also working on your welding skills and quality/precision of the weld. At the point I'm spending $800, I don't want to cut myself 10-20% short and regret something. For just welding aluminum without other concern yeah I think I'd go with the AlphaTig. But for stepping up my welding game, I think I'd rather spend that little bit extra and get a better quality arc. In the end, you're spending roughly the same amount on all of them, and the 5amp DC start of the Everlast means less blow through of thinner (ahem Datsun) metal. If the Eastwood was dual voltage, I think that would tie with the Everlast and put up with the settings menu, but I've only got one 240v outlet in my garage and I don't want to be fighting for machine space. So as of right now, I'm voting for the Everlast 185DV.
  3. 280z 302 sbf swap

    Correct, 85+ were rollers. Early EFI setups were notorious for having reliability issues, so it's a good thing he's using a later engine on that front.
  4. 280z 302 sbf swap

    Welcome Back! I'm in the process of a similar swap, and was all set on the Mountaineer/Explorer 302, but out of pure circumstance I'm using a carb'd HO out of an 85 mustang...bought the car wrecked, cleaned up the interior, got a free engine and transmission and made 3 grand on the whole thing! But yes, to answer your questions.... -I've done a bunch of abuse to a bunch of different T5s in mustangs, and unless you're being actively stupid they're pretty reliable. And if they do go, parts and upgrades are plentiful. -I haven't looked at the later EFI pinouts in a long while since I have a carb'd engine, but IIRC it is integrated to the transmission controller and an immobilizer , so there may be some hiccups on those fronts. Megasquirt makes a fairly drop in stand-alone with lots of available maps if you run into too many issues. -the later model 302s are the ones to get. Distributorless, decent head and intake design, and strong power numbers that a cam swap will shift things around for a more "sporty" powerband. Good to see more SBF cars on the board!
  5. TIG welder recommendation

    I've heard mixed reviews on Everlast products, some guys swear by them for non-production use, but everyonce in a while some say that they're unreliable - don't know what circumstances they were really using the machines under. I've got an Eastwood Mig that I've been super impressed with (except for a cheap chinesium gas solenoid), and their new digital 200 looks promising, though not sure if I'd ever use the added features it has. If it were my money, and there weren't any decent used blues or reds on craigslist, I'd go for the eastwood and upgrades LLave suggested.
  6. Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Great to see you on the forum, love the YT vids!
  7. What to do when shop has had car 9 months?

    Sounds like you already know what to do.
  8. 302Z Build

  9. I'm kind of upset you're painting it, but more glad it's still alive!
  10. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I'm thinking the system is taking a while to update. I donated and have the money withdrawn [used pp], but HBZ isn't showing it yet.
  11. HybridZ may be shutting down.

    I've seen some sites that have a donation counter/progress bar thing to show how much left is needed... could that be implemented here?
  12. I think you're going to have a really hard time balancing the brake system with equal front:rear piston area. http://www.stoptech.com/technical-support/technical-white-papers/white-paper---brake-bias-and-performance-why-brake-balance-matters Edit: nevermind misunderstood Op
  13. Photobucket Failure

    I prefer imgur, because it gives you BB code for each image and is more specifically made for forum posting Edit: Though now that I test it again, not working. So nevermind, imgur it is for me.
  14. Photobucket Failure

    Flickr, google drive, imgur, lots of other options out there