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  1. 1971 240z restoration/build

    Tube frame time.
  2. Wako 75S cam

    If I recall Eiji from Datsun Spirit runs the cam on his Orange ITB car.
  3. Wtb:240Z hood release cable.

    Looking for a cable in good shape. Not frayed and plastic in good shape.
  4. What is the spline count on that lsd.
  5. Wako 75S cam

    I came upon a site where you can pick up the cam. An old post said that normally this cam is normally not sold outside of Japan. The website showed the following, can someone convert it?? Nissan L Engine Wako Cam 75 S Cam Shaft Cam Lift 9.7 mm Valve lift 14.4 mm ~ 14.6 mm Central Angle: IN 101 degrees / OUT 103 degrees
  6. WTB Shifter

    Looking for a stock shifter with 10mm shift knob thread.
  7. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Yeah, its just a baseline. I have a race head due to be in installed late Feb. That dyno reads low, they had a fuel injected L28 barely top 100 HP.
  8. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    No clue, havn't messed with the engine other than fine tuning the carbs. No Vac Advance though.
  9. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Found a nifty calculator. Decided to convert everything to 25 inches which is what I believe Rebello uses. 100 lift 58 cfm 200 lift 117 cfm 300 lift 158 cfm 350 lift 178 cfm 400 lift 189 cfm 450 lift 192 cfm 500 lift 200 cfm 550 lift 205 cfm 600 lift 213 cfm 650 lift 219 cfm
  10. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Just had my baseline dyno Stock N42 head, have to verify block next time I am underneath the car. Dual SUs Motorsport 6 to 1 Header 2.5 inch exhaust At altitude 5869 ft.
  11. VQ35 HR Swap

  12. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    A special grind recommended by the builder. My Z spends its life on streets or Canyons.
  13. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Going to use a thicker headgasket to lower cr. This head has been shaved a couple times over its life. Hopefully 10.5 or 11 to 1. Hope to run 91 octane.
  14. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Cam is 483 lift and 276 duration. Does that mean the max cfm is equal to the max lift on the cam?