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  1. VQ35 HR Swap

  2. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    A special grind recommended by the builder. My Z spends its life on streets or Canyons.
  3. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Going to use a thicker headgasket to lower cr. This head has been shaved a couple times over its life. Hopefully 10.5 or 11 to 1. Hope to run 91 octane.
  4. Mystery Big Valve Ported N42 Head.

    Cam is 483 lift and 276 duration. Does that mean the max cfm is equal to the max lift on the cam?
  5. With all the recent postings I was hoping to get some help trying to read out my Flow sheet. I picked off this head from Yahoo Auctions Japan. It was completely bare missing cam towers and about everything else. All I could tell from the photos was that it had been ported and that it had welded chambers. I decided to risk it and put a bid in knowing full well I might have just bought a new paperweight. I finally got it back from a reputable builder with new seats, Datsun Spirit Big valves and some unfurling of the valve area. I was told that different flow benches are like dynos. It seems that the flow bench used for this head maxes out at 160 cfm at 10 inches of water. Not sure how this coverts to newer type flow benches that read at 20 inches etc. Also not sure how this relates to max lift on the cams?
  6. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

  7. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

    Sorry just the carbs.
  8. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

  9. VQ35 HR Swap

    Denver, CO
  10. VQ35 HR Swap

    Lowered asking price to 2500.
  11. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

    Reduced asking price.
  12. VQ35 HR Swap

    I tried selling this engine combo in the past. I figured I would start up a new post with photos and a reduced asking price. Here is your chance to make 300 whp. VQ35HR engine from an 08 was pulled with less than 11K miles.I have attached the vin report showing it wrecked with low miles. HR transmission with unverified mileage (was told 50K by wrecker). Uncut harness to include the dash harness, ecu, and pedal assembly. Used set of Berk Stainless Steel Resonated Test pipes Stillen HR headers Injen CAI with new filters New in box South bend clutch kit, stage 2, silent disk with billet steel DXD (silent) flywheel. Z speed clutch master cylinder, and z speed slave cylinder kit. Don't want to part out and prefer to sell as a whole. Asking 3000 OBO. VQ35HR Report.pdf
  13. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

    Yes, still asking 850 OBO. PM me and we can work something out.
  14. SK TWM OER 40mm Triple Carbs

    Price drop.
  15. Sold please remove

    You need to post a price or the mods will lock the thread. Its one of the rules.