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  1. 240z part out

    Good seller here.
  2. Sold please remove

    Pm sent!
  3. PM sent on the triple filters and velocity stacks.
  4. 260z SR20 Turbo

    I'm reviewing my finances right now... Problem is, I just dropped a ton of $$$ into my CTS-V.
  5. 260z SR20 Turbo

    This is a really beautiful car. I'm soo tempted right now.
  6. 1973 240z

    Nice car! I've been looking at it on CL for the last couple of weeks. I'd be all over it if I wasn't dropping so much $$ into my other car right now. GLWS!
  7. datsun 240z turbo

    ♥♥♥♥. My bad. OP no disrespect intended. I had completely missed the asking.
  8. datsun 240z turbo

    It looks like a nice car with a lot of work put into it. This said, you really need to name a price unless you're doing an auction. This at least gives people the chance to walk away if it seems unreasonable or make reasonable offers within context of your target price. I'm looking for a car here in the next week but I won't offer on this car because I'm only seeing two pages of turn downs and lots of shooting in the dark. Again, nice car and sorry for the rant.
  9. 1972 240z turbo

    I'm also interested in pics. Thx!