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  1. ZT-R

    500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    I think HPI makes a 4wd version of the s30. it’s remote control too ;p
  2. ZT-R


    Very tight fit in a s30 I’ve got about 1/8th off the crossmember and less on the hood with a big single.
  3. Hey guys, I/m going to be changing my front suspension from T3 to AZC. I have the T3 weld in camber plates and pillow mounts. Will those fit the AZC setup? I emailed him but never heard.
  4. ZT-R

    Upgrade Alternator

    i kept having issues with the quest alternators so i bought one rebuilt by Bosche this time, it seems to have better quality windings so we will see how it holds up. Its under driven 30%. If she burns up ill have to have a different pulley made.
  5. ZT-R

    New topstage z kit

    Finally someone incorporated the doors. Awesome.
  6. ZT-R

    Door seals weatherstrip, I found a set that works

    don't see it listed anymore.
  7. ZT-R

    Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I did this on mine, ill see if i can find a picture.
  8. Saw the SC tags on there and had to double check where you lived. haha nice work man looks amazing.
  9. ZT-R


    will those camber plates interchange with the T3?
  10. ZT-R

    My 240 rb26 build

    I don't know but I love the crank trigger, damn this thing is nasty.
  11. ZT-R


    Top notch for Ztrix.
  12. ZT-R

    My 240 rb26 build

    Still waiting on crank sensor parts.