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  1. will those camber plates interchange with the T3?
  2. My 240 rb26 build

    I don't know but I love the crank trigger, damn this thing is nasty.
  3. ZTrix?

    Top notch for Ztrix.
  4. My 240 rb26 build

    Still waiting on crank sensor parts.
  5. My 240 rb26 build

    still waiting on dyno time.
  6. My 240 rb26 build

    ill max it out on c16 just to see what it will do but i wouldn't expect more than 810. I've got the 1.05 housing so not really going for the power, wanted the spool. pretty big difference in the plots spool wise.
  7. My 240 rb26 build

    yea. Not much change in power yet picked up some but spools a lot better. still on the dyno.
  8. Spark plug help

    yea you don't need iridiums yet.
  9. My 240 rb26 build

    Yea, just upgraded to a EFR 9 series turbo she is on the dyno now. it defiantly spools better than the T04z
  10. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    dang, so much fiberglass.
  11. Billet RB26 DrySump pan

    Any progress on this?
  12. TPS for aftermarket throttle body

    I used a ford mustang one, few bux at any parts store and always in stock.
  13. Upgrade Alternator

    I run a quest one with slight modifications. Make sure your wiring is up for the challenge.