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  1. 500whp AWD rb25det s2 in 76 280?

    I think HPI makes a 4wd version of the s30. it’s remote control too ;p
  2. Rb30??

    Very tight fit in a s30 I’ve got about 1/8th off the crossmember and less on the hood with a big single.
  3. Hey guys, I/m going to be changing my front suspension from T3 to AZC. I have the T3 weld in camber plates and pillow mounts. Will those fit the AZC setup? I emailed him but never heard.
  4. Upgrade Alternator

    i kept having issues with the quest alternators so i bought one rebuilt by Bosche this time, it seems to have better quality windings so we will see how it holds up. Its under driven 30%. If she burns up ill have to have a different pulley made.
  5. New topstage z kit

    Finally someone incorporated the doors. Awesome.
  6. Door seals weatherstrip, I found a set that works

    don't see it listed anymore.
  7. Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I did this on mine, ill see if i can find a picture.
  8. Saw the SC tags on there and had to double check where you lived. haha nice work man looks amazing.
  9. SOLD!

    will those camber plates interchange with the T3?
  10. My 240 rb26 build

    I don't know but I love the crank trigger, damn this thing is nasty.
  11. ZTrix?

    Top notch for Ztrix.
  12. My 240 rb26 build

    Still waiting on crank sensor parts.