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  1. Shocks same S12 silvia and 280zx?

    so you think i should buy these absorbers what "KYB euro database" says. and not the US partnumber.
  2. Hello from germany I need for my euro 280zx 2+2 new front shock absorbers. I tryed to find in germany KYB`s but nothing available. nothing else available. I watched at german kayaba.de page and they showed partnumber 365031 After this i watched in USA /ebay.com and ther is for my 280zx thes parnumber 365013 dont understand? i am little confused? the other partnumber should be for silvia S12 but why got euro ZX other inserts than US cars?
  3. What Header for OEM L28E

    i searched a little and found a thread about "header math"....there are some good links posted. What Outer Diamter gote pacesetter heades? at the links i found some calculation...i should use 38 or 40mm ID tubes for my OEM engine.Because max torque ist 4200rpm. Streetcars are normaly used in low and middle rpm. so the header should work in this RPM range until 5000 at best. With too big pipes i loose NM at low rpm. IS THIS CORRECT?...and it seams to be good idea using longer pipes?
  4. What Header for OEM L28E

    Hello, My original header is blowing. Now i want to put in upgrade one. My engine is completely original only new sealed. Waht Header would be an good upgrade? whatched At kameari but they told me the Drag header is not good for my standard engine. I searched more and found "Pacesetter Header" and "Hitech Header". What one will be best? Hitech gives more power? or is this only kind of replacement? Fom ebay i bought long time ago Cheap Haeder looks like Pacesetter, but there is a sticker on it, Made in Mexico. This doesnt fit my 280zx. Htink its form earlyer Z. what kind of header i should make. In germany is nothing available so i have to build my own one planing Primaries 45mm and 2mm thickness. Is this ok?
  5. Vacuum controls same?

    i need new vac control for an 1980 ZX, this should have partnumber 22301-N4700. later ZX got 22301P7901 until now i didnt found an control for my car. 2 sellers at ebay sell VC351, but they dont ship to germany what is difference between both. they look same. can i take later one without problems?
  6. Vacuum Control for distributor 280zx

    i need new vacuum control assy for my L28E distributor. Used google and found one part at rockauto.com. when i put it into basket and want to order, it was automaticaly deleted. Part is not available. i saw the manufacturer Standard Motor Products VC351 . googled this evening again, but most pages show only 280zx until 1979??? will this part fit my 1981 car? any other option to get new part?
  7. distributor 1981 and 1983 (Pics added)

    today i remuved the throttle body and watched everything very accuratly. In front the throttle is an little hole and one blind hole at the body but isn`t blind. There are several holes in the body but no one gots an connection to fit an vac hose. Even the working hole doesnt have an connection, only an hole. So i fitted an brake bleeder screw. i realy dont know how the vac pipe is OEM fitted. I found also an american parts page. but the 2 european VIN doesnt work. so i`ll try next week to ask at local nissan dealer here some pics
  8. distributor 1981 and 1983 (Pics added)

    ok, so i got an JDM engine. but why is no vac piping istalled?? or gots JDM engines other distirbutors? at what point of engine running the vacuum actuator works ? i couldnt find any informations about its working at idle is high vac in intake and the actuator is going to be shorter (changes ignition) at higher REVs is less vac and the actuaror goes to max length??? where can i get an Vac connector? behind throttle somewhere at the intake i think?? my engine lookes like the one on the picture. No EGR, no cat,no detonation sensor, no exhaustsensor
  9. distributor 1981 and 1983 (Pics added)

    ok, thank yoo. but i dont understand why i couldnt fit the vac piping... i looked little at several pages, many different engines are available, all are L28E. some have an EGR system, i looked at english manual from 1983, my throttle lookes like from eccs models but i have no emission control.all hoses at inlet are used, nothing is damaged or left. LOOKS very OEM
  10. distributor 1981 and 1983 (Pics added)

    the 1983 one is an NON TURBO with OEM flat top pisons and P90 head without Catalytic Converter it makes 150PS. the oilpump shaft is same. I already installed the distributor, but couldnt find any option to connect vacuum hoses to the intake sytem like before.that is why i was little confused i think the europeen zx are little different in some smale parts will there be an problem if i use the distributor without automatic time adjusting?
  11. hi, i got an 280zx from 1981, which i restored. An damaged zx from 1983 i used for spares. I only got the 1981 Distributor with vacuum actuator. this i installed. Now i want to use the 1983 engin because i rebuilded it. BUT THE DISTRIBUTOR ! ! 1983 engine doesnt have an vacuum conector for the distributor. i`am little confuse because 1983 doesnt change ignition with higher revs? is this true? i think about making the vacuum actutor doesnt work (leaving the pipe disconected). think this can work?
  12. my L28E-head was at local engine builder.they shaved 0,25mm and grinded new valve seats. BUT the removed the camshaft bearing from the head. I read at the engine manueal that these parts doesnt have to be removed?!?! the cam towers are centered with sleeves. so it shold be possilbe to make it like it was before??? someone can tell me tightening torque of the cam towers? i read in this forum, if i shave to much from head, i have to use spacers under the cam towers. but this will mean to remove it. I`am little confused are 0,25mm (0.01") to much without cam tower spacers? do i have to use such once now??
  13. wheight of complete L28E

    Hi, i want to know what is the total wheight of an L28E with all components mountent (exhaut header, inlet, alternator etc) anyone knows real wheight?
  14. Search Left front axle part 280zx

    Hello, i need the left front axle housing (like right one at picture) in good used condition for an 280zx 2+2. Only need the axle housing, without shock absorber shipping to germany is a must have. how is this part called?!?!
  15. Rear suspension question

    i got 2 cars, one broken and one for restoration. i decited to use the shocks with sticker "Monroe". they seamed to be newer and better. so i sanded it and paintet is black (left one) the right one was in my car, which i restored. Now I think this is OEM 280zx one?!