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Early 71 (series 1) body panels and parts

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Up for sale are several Early 71 (series 1) 240z parts. Including; Various body parts, Several Interior Parts, Vintage Rims and a Set of Dual S.U. Carbs. I will ship to any part of the continental United States. However, it will be the responsibilty of the buyer to pay for shipping. All prices are as listed or for best offer. Upon request Pictures are available for all parts that are being sold. Some of the parts arent listed so if you are looking for something specific please ask. All parts are sold as is there are no warranties are not implied or guaranteed.



Hood- restorable, slight surface rust underneath, some bubbling along the edges no rust holes- $125






Front Fenders- Both in restorable condition with light surface rust underneath, Driver side has small rust hole starting in lower portion- $100 Per fender


Rear Quarter Windows Driver and Passenger- Both In excellent condition with good gaskets - $30 per side



Vented Rear Hatch- Restoreable with a quarter sized rust spot on lower driver side, No rust near vents or on underside- $150






Vintage Appliance Mesh Wheels- all 4 in Good Condition with fresh Michelin195/75/R14- $300




Dash board- 1 crack about 3 inches long in center, All Gauges (unknown Condition)- $250






Center Console- Has a previous repair thats starting to look bad, no cracks- $60

Steering Wheel- Wood Steering wheel, Center is not painted, - $80



Vinyl Side Panels With Chrome- Very Good Condition, Chrome has no chips or cracks- $30 a piece

Rear Quarter Window Trim- Driver side has small crack in top, passenger perfect, - Driver $10, Passenger $20

Rear Quarter Panel Trim- Driver Side Speaker area has a crack, Passenger Side is crack free- Driver side $15 Passenger $25

Ceiling Trim - No cracks- $20

Stowage Cover Plastic With Knobs- No Cracks- 30 for the set





Carburetors- Dual S.U. Round tops, Need to be rebuilt, butterflies still move and air slides are functional, Carb linkage Incl. e-46 with balancer tube- $100 Takes everything







Thanks for looking. More pictures are available on request. I am open to pricing and questions, just feel free to ask.

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Hey, just squirt some black rtv in that crack and get $500 for the dash on Ebay like this guy did !




[not really condoning that type of sale, the Ebay item was a fraudulent disgrace]


This dash is priced appropriately.

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Sorry I haven't been keeping track of the listing more frequently, been keeping busy


but here goes...


MoNkEy88: Yes I have a set of hatch hinges for the car, I can pull them and take pictures and have you decide if you want them. I'm thinking around 20 bucks for the set perhaps?


BenJammin: Thank you for the response, I agree, some dude will be very upset if they spent 500 dollars on that "perfect" dash.


Christopher Nguyen: Yes the hatch will fit a 77 280z, I will have to quote the shipping to get an exact total, and I will get back to you.



Thank you very much to all who have posted, and I thank you all for your patience, and interest.


All is still for sale. (console may be pending)

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