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240Z - Snailed style

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Hey! I'm not dead.


The tunnel frame is welded in and I have fitted an Acura wipermotor in preparation for reworking the rain tray and upper firewall. I have also gone a different direction on the front spindles...That's about as far as it went. I've been focused on building for other people but I might dig into the Z a bit more.

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Interesting engine choice. Not many people swap those in, given their size and weight. Is this going to be a drag car?


Looking forward to updates. If you want to make your own thread, at the top right of each sub forum is a black button that says "Start New Topic." Click on that and go from there.

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the big block was here and he had a there was a huge amount of room between the rails. and to my surprise i managed to get motor well behind the front crossmember of the ifs keeping the weight from swinging around past the front wheels.fits under hood for now havent mocked up a carb may go for injection need to put this away for a few months have a secondary project that needs love before snow flies. i have a fiberglass dash cover that came with this car that will not be used i would gladly trade it for a fuse panel ?? email me [email protected]






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